Release Summary


Date: 2019-07-25


Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Contributors
  3. Closed Issues
  4. Other Changes
  5. Diffstat


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This release is a point release of an existing major version. The changes included were made to address problems that have been identified in this release series, or are minor, backwards compatible new features or improvements. Users should be able to safely upgrade to this version if this release series is already in use. Users considering upgrading from a previous version are strongly encouraged to review the UPGRADE.txt document as well as the CHANGES document for information about upgrading to this release series.

The data in this summary reflects changes that have been made since the previous release, asterisk-13.27.0.


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This table lists the people who have submitted code, those that have tested patches, as well as those that reported issues on the issue tracker that were resolved in this release. For coders, the number is how many of their patches (of any size) were committed into this release. For testers, the number is the number of times their name was listed as assisting with testing a patch. Finally, for reporters, the number is the number of issues that they reported that were affected by commits that went into this release.

8 Alexei Gradinari
7 George Joseph
3 Asterisk Development Team
3 Joshua Colp
2 Chris-Savinovich
1 Sean Bright
1 Abhay Gupta
1 Francesco Castellano
1 Ben Ford
1 Guido Falsi
1 Nasir Iqbal
1 Gil Richard
1 Oleksandr Natalenko
1 Oleksandr Natalenko
1 Nasir Iqbal
1 Guido Falsi
1 abelbeck
1 Bernhard Schmidt
1 Abhay Gupta
1 Gil Richard
1 vijay kumar
1 pasandev
1 Francesco Castellano
1 Joshua C. Colp
1 Bernhard Schmidt
1 Gregory Massel
1 Dmitry Svyatogorov

Closed Issues

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This is a list of all issues from the issue tracker that were closed by changes that went into this release.


Category: Channels/chan_sip/Interoperability

ASTERISK-28465: Broken SDP can cause a segfault in a T.38 reINVITE
Reported by: Francesco Castellano

Category: Resources/res_pjsip_messaging

ASTERISK-28447: res_pjsip_messaging: In-dialog MESSAGE with no body causes crash
Reported by: Gil Richard


Category: Applications/app_amd

ASTERISK-28419: app_amd: Does not work with silence suppression
Reported by: Nasir Iqbal

Category: CDR/cdr_pgsql

ASTERISK-28435: cdr_pgsql: Unix socket doesn't work
Reported by: Dmitry Svyatogorov

Category: Channels/chan_dahdi

ASTERISK-28457: [patch] Fix crash in chan_dahdi on 32-bit systems caused by ASTERISK-28317
Reported by: abelbeckASTERISK-28427: new mwi.h include missing from some dahdi source files, causes build failure
Reported by: Guido Falsi

Category: Channels/chan_pjsip

ASTERISK-28444: chan_pjsip: Peer IP for SSL handshake errors not logged
Reported by: Bernhard SchmidtASTERISK-25371: Crash in hangup at chan_pjsip.c:1749 when Asterisk attempts to generate hangup event
Reported by: Abhay GuptaASTERISK-27994: PJSIP: Early media ringback not indicated after Progress()
Reported by: Gregory Massel

Category: Channels/chan_sip/TCP-TLS

ASTERISK-26006: Show offending IP for TLS setup failures in logs
Reported by: Oleksandr Natalenko

Category: Core/Logging

ASTERISK-26006: Show offending IP for TLS setup failures in logs
Reported by: Oleksandr Natalenko

Category: Resources/res_fax

ASTERISK-27981: res_fax: Fax session leak with fax gatewaying
Reported by: pasandev

Category: Resources/res_pjsip_sdp_rtp

ASTERISK-28460: res_pjsip_sdp_rtp: Fix ICE candidate leak with specific usage
Reported by: Joshua C. Colp

Category: Resources/res_rtp_asterisk

ASTERISK-28018: IP Fragmentation happening instead of DTLS fragmentation on handshake server hello certificate
Reported by: vijay kumar

Commits Not Associated with an Issue

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This is a list of all changes that went into this release that did not reference a JIRA issue.

b25e1231ddAsterisk Development TeamUpdate for 13.28.0-rc1
b3d0754f82Asterisk Development TeamUpdate CHANGES and UPGRADE.txt for 13.28.0
3cb839d111Joshua Colpres_rtp_asterisk: Move where DTLS MTU variable is defined.
ba57b004c4Sean Brightpjproject: Update to 2.9 release
79087b6aebGeorge Josephsig_pri: Address gcc9 issues
d5db7473e7Alexei Gradinarires_fax: gateway sends T.38 request to both endpoints if V.21 detected
e4ee209bfeGeorge JosephCI: New way to determnine libdir
3bfe1f3a1bAlexei Gradinaritranslate.c do not log WARNING on empty audio frame
d0f01af913George Josephchan_dahdi: Address gcc9 issues
41f5d15763George Josephapp_confbridge: Attended transfer event fixup
45a9ee4c53Alexei Gradinariapp_attended_transfer: new application AttendedTransfer
dd12e1cbd3Alexei Gradinariapp_blind_transfer: new application BlindTransfer
fba341af8bAsterisk Development TeamUpdate CHANGES and UPGRADE.txt for 13.27.0
dfa513c565Alexei Gradinarires_fax: add channel name to CLI 'fax show session'
6aeab9d5e7Ben Fordbuild: Fix file format in CHANGES-staging.
6ded762dbfAlexei Gradinariapp_readexten: new option 'p' to stop reading on '#' key

Diffstat Results

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This is a summary of the changes to the source code that went into this release that was generated using the diffstat utility.

asterisk-13.27.0-summary.html                                                                   |  182 ---
asterisk-13.27.0-summary.txt                                                                    |  461 ----------
b/.version                                                                                      |    2
b/CHANGES                                                                                       |   23
b/ChangeLog                                                                                     |  458 +++++++++
b/apps/app_amd.c                                                                                |    2
b/apps/app_attended_transfer.c                                                                  |  143 +++
b/apps/app_blind_transfer.c                                                                     |  137 ++
b/apps/app_confbridge.c                                                                         |  157 +++
b/apps/app_readexten.c                                                                          |   11
b/apps/confbridge/confbridge_manager.c                                                          |   27
b/apps/confbridge/include/confbridge.h                                                          |   12
b/asterisk-13.28.0-rc1-summary.html                                                             |  104 ++
b/asterisk-13.28.0-rc1-summary.txt                                                              |  288 ++++++
b/cdr/cdr_pgsql.c                                                                               |   24
b/channels/chan_dahdi.c                                                                         |   16
b/channels/chan_pjsip.c                                                                         |   34
b/channels/chan_sip.c                                                                           |    8
b/channels/sig_analog.c                                                                         |    7
b/channels/sig_pri.c                                                                            |    7
b/configs/samples/rtp.conf.sample                                                               |    4
b/configure                                                                                     |  112 ++
b/                                                                                  |    2
b/include/asterisk/                                                              |    3
b/include/asterisk/stasis_bridges.h                                                             |   23
b/main/cdr.c                                                                                    |    2
b/main/stasis_bridges.c                                                                         |   36
b/main/tcptls.c                                                                                 |   31
b/main/translate.c                                                                              |    5
b/menuselect/configure                                                                          |   14
b/menuselect/example_menuselect-tree                                                            |    4
b/menuselect/test/menuselect-tree                                                               |    4
b/res/res_fax.c                                                                                 |   57 -
b/res/res_pjsip_messaging.c                                                                     |    9
b/res/res_pjsip_sdp_rtp.c                                                                       |    6
b/res/res_rtp_asterisk.c                                                                        |  198 +++-
b/tests/CI/                                                                     |    2
b/tests/CI/                                                                        |   14
b/third-party/pjproject/patches/0010-ssl_sock_ossl-sip_transport_tls-Add-peer-to-error-me.patch |  157 +++
third-party/pjproject/patches/0010-outgoing_connected_line_method_update.patch                  |   33
third-party/pjproject/patches/0020-Fixed-2172-Avoid-double-reference-counter-decrements.patch   |   42
third-party/pjproject/patches/0030-Re-2176-Removed-pop_freelist-push_freelist-after-rem.patch   |   37
third-party/pjproject/patches/0031-Re-2191-transport-timer-cleanup.patch                        |  372 --------
third-party/pjproject/patches/0032-Re-2191-Fixed-crash-in-SIP-transport-destroy-due-to-.patch   |   94 --
44 files changed, 2027 insertions(+), 1337 deletions(-)