Release Summary


Date: 2009-12-09


Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Contributors
  3. Closed Issues
  4. Other Changes
  5. Diffstat


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This release includes only bug fixes. The changes included were made only to address problems that have been identified in this release series. Users should be able to safely upgrade to this version if this release series is already in use. Users considering upgrading from a previous release series are strongly encouraged to review the UPGRADE.txt document as well as the CHANGES document for information about upgrading to this release series.

The data in this summary reflects changes that have been made since the previous release, asterisk-1.4.27.


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This table lists the people who have submitted code, those that have tested patches, as well as those that reported issues on the issue tracker that were resolved in this release. For coders, the number is how many of their patches (of any size) were committed into this release. For testers, the number is the number of times their name was listed as assisting with testing a patch. Finally, for reporters, the number is the number of issues that they reported that were closed by commits that went into this release.




9 dvossel
4 russell
3 kpfleming
3 mnicholson
2 jpeeler
2 mnick
2 tilghman
1 alecdavis
1 atis
1 bklang
1 dimas
1 edguy3
1 file
1 Laureano
1 mvanbaak
1 oej
1 snuffy
1 twilson
6 dvossel
3 mnicholson
2 mnick
1 alecdavis
1 AlexMS
1 amorsen
1 aragon
1 asgaroth
1 falves11
1 Laureano
1 oej
1 Parantido
1 rmudgett
1 russell
1 snuffy
1 zalex1953
2 falves11
2 wdoekes
1 AlexMS
1 amorsen
1 asgaroth
1 atis
1 bklang
1 CGMChris
1 dimas
1 edguy3
1 Hatrix
1 jiddings
1 mgernoth
1 msetim
1 Parantido
1 patrol-cz
1 rmudgett
1 sgimeno
1 Shagg63
1 udosw
1 vrban
1 zalex1953

Closed Issues

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This is a list of all issues from the issue tracker that were closed by changes that went into this release.

Category: Applications/app_amd

#16239: AMD() incorrectly sets AMDCAUSE channel variable
Revision: 232355
Reporter: CGMChris
Coders: file

Category: Applications/app_dial

#16193: [patch] Segfault with limit data L(x:y) and verbosity >= 3
Revision: 231235
Reporter: asgaroth
Testers: asgaroth, snuffy
Coders: snuffy

#16337: [patch] Segmentation Fault on Originate command.
Revision: 232268
Reporter: Parantido
Testers: Parantido, dvossel
Coders: dvossel

Category: Applications/app_mixmonitor

#16152: [patch] MixMonitor thread doesn't exit until channel is dropped
Revision: 230508
Reporter: AlexMS
Testers: dvossel, AlexMS
Coders: dvossel

Category: Applications/app_queue

#15686: [patch] app_queue crashes randomly, it seems to be during call-transfers
Revision: 231437
Reporter: Hatrix
Testers: dvossel, aragon
Coders: dvossel

#16369: [patch] Since changeset 231437: Queue ERROR[7429]: astobj2.c:114 INTERNAL_OBJ: bad magic number 0x0 for 0xb7174c50
Revision: 232444
Reporter: vrban
Testers: dvossel
Coders: dvossel

Category: Applications/app_voicemail

#15625: [patch] Prepending to a voicemail on forward causes locked sip channel and large file filling disk space
Revision: 231614
Reporter: Shagg63
Testers: mnicholson
Coders: mnicholson

#16291: app_voicemail.c strip_control() strips more than just control chars
Revision: 233116
Reporter: wdoekes
Coders: dvossel

Category: Channels/General

#16058: [patch] Crash in local_ast_moh_start / ast_indicate_data due to AST_CONTROL_HOLD with bad pointer
Revision: 231911
Reporter: atis
Coders: jpeeler

#16242: [patch] Comfort noise frame with f->data NULL but f->datalen 160
Revision: 231441
Reporter: amorsen
Testers: amorsen, oej, dvossel
Coders: oej

Category: Channels/chan_agent

#14590: [patch] updatecdr='yes' in agents.conf is not working
Revision: 230627
Reporter: msetim
Testers: Laureano, mnicholson
Coders: Laureano

Category: Channels/chan_dahdi

#15972: [patch] Dropping frame since I'm still dialing on Zap/... (resp. DAHDi/...) with DIGITAL calls
Revision: 232090
Reporter: udosw
Testers: alecdavis
Coders: alecdavis

Category: Channels/chan_sip/General

#16261: [patch] Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised STACK value
Revision: 231233
Reporter: edguy3
Coders: edguy3

#16268: [patch] Last line of SDP is not being parsed
Revision: 230772
Reporter: sgimeno
Coders: kpfleming

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Registration

#16298: [patch] After upgrading to asterisk 1.4.27 Optipoint SIP phone can no longer register
Revision: 233471
Reporter: mgernoth
Testers: dvossel
Coders: dvossel

Category: Channels/chan_sip/T.38

#16387: [patch] Missing session level connection data (c=) breaks process_sdp()
Revision: 233392
Reporter: zalex1953
Testers: mnicholson, zalex1953
Coders: mnicholson

Category: Core/General

#15769: [patch] useless message pops hundreds of times per minute
Revision: 233014
Reporter: falves11
Testers: mnick, falves11
Coders: mnick

#16290: ast_ouraddrfor doesn't do htons() on the port
Revision: 232350
Reporter: wdoekes
Coders: dvossel

Category: Core/ManagerInterface

#16264: [patch] UserEvent manager action is not ACKed
Revision: 232581
Reporter: dimas
Coders: dimas

Category: Documentation

#16223: [patch] "requirecalltoken" config directive not respected globally
Revision: 233279
Reporter: bklang
Coders: bklang

Category: Formats/General

#16412: Ignoring unknown format wav & wav49...
Revision: 233782
Reporter: jiddings
Testers: russell
Coders: russell

Category: General

#16272: [patch] Language code collisions for certan languages
Revision: 232820
Reporter: patrol-cz
Coders: tilghman

#16367: The current SVN does not compile
Revision: 232165
Reporter: falves11
Coders: twilson

Category: PBX/General

#16166: [patch] Setting dialplan hint and using a global variable gives incorrect warning.
Revision: 233091
Reporter: rmudgett
Testers: mnick, rmudgett
Coders: mnick

Commits Not Associated with an Issue

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This is a list of all changes that went into this release that did not directly close an issue from the issue tracker. The commits may have been marked as being related to an issue. If that is the case, the issue numbers are listed here, as well.

RevisionAuthorSummaryIssues Referenced
230469mvanbaakUpdate copyright year in visible output. (cli)
230839kpflemingCorrect fix for issue #16268... the reporter's original patch was very close to correct. #16268
230875kpflemingWhen 'sip set debug' is enabled, and the last line of an incoming SIP message #16268
231298tilghmanAfter a frame duplication failure, unlock the channel before returning.
231740mnicholsonIgnore unknown formats in ast_format_str_reduce() and return an error if no know formats are found.
231853dvosselWaitExten m option with no parameters generates frame with zero datalen but non-null data ptr
231926jpeelerlog channel name in dev mode as well
232007russellFix a warning pointed out by buildbot.
233092russellOnly do frame payload check for HOLD frames.
233609dvosselhex escape control and non 7-bit clean characters in uri_encode #16299
233618atisFix compatibility with valgrind 3.3 and older. #16388
233879russellFix breakage of the "module load " CLI command.

Diffstat Results

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This is a summary of the changes to the source code that went into this release that was generated using the diffstat utility.

apps/app_amd.c              |    1
apps/app_dial.c             |    4
apps/app_mixmonitor.c       |   96 ++++++++++++++-----
apps/app_queue.c            |  214 +++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------
apps/app_voicemail.c        |  163 +++++++++++++++++++--------------
channels/chan_dahdi.c       |    6 +
channels/chan_sip.c         |   36 ++++---
configs/iax.conf.sample     |    3
contrib/valgrind.supp       |   12 +-
formats/format_g723.c       |    5 -
formats/format_g726.c       |    5 -
formats/format_g729.c       |    5 -
formats/format_gsm.c        |    5 -
formats/format_h263.c       |    5 -
formats/format_h264.c       |    5 -
formats/format_ilbc.c       |    5 -
formats/format_jpeg.c       |    5 -
formats/format_ogg_vorbis.c |    5 -
formats/format_pcm.c        |    5 -
formats/format_sln.c        |    5 -
formats/format_vox.c        |    5 -
formats/format_wav.c        |    5 -
formats/format_wav_gsm.c    |    5 -
funcs/func_groupcount.c     |    4
include/asterisk/file.h     |   10 ++
include/asterisk/module.h   |    8 +
main/acl.c                  |    2
main/app.c                  |   12 +-
main/asterisk.c             |    6 -
main/channel.c              |   14 ++
main/dsp.c                  |    7 +
main/file.c                 |   73 +++++++++++++++
main/loader.c               |  120 +++++++++++++++---------
main/manager.c              |    1
main/pbx.c                  |    2
main/rtp.c                  |    1
main/utils.c                |    2
pbx/pbx_config.c            |   26 ++++-
res/res_features.c          |    3
39 files changed, 597 insertions(+), 299 deletions(-)