Release Summary


Date: 2010-08-23


Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Contributors
  3. Closed Issues
  4. Other Changes
  5. Diffstat


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This release includes only bug fixes. The changes included were made only to address problems that have been identified in this release series. Users should be able to safely upgrade to this version if this release series is already in use. Users considering upgrading from a previous release series are strongly encouraged to review the UPGRADE.txt document as well as the CHANGES document for information about upgrading to this release series.

The data in this summary reflects changes that have been made since the previous release, asterisk-1.8.0-beta3.


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This table lists the people who have submitted code, those that have tested patches, as well as those that reported issues on the issue tracker that were resolved in this release. For coders, the number is how many of their patches (of any size) were committed into this release. For testers, the number is the number of times their name was listed as assisting with testing a patch. Finally, for reporters, the number is the number of issues that they reported that were closed by commits that went into this release.




14 russell
10 dvossel
6 rmudgett
4 tilghman
4 twilson
2 mnicholson
2 RoadKill
1 addix
1 davidw
1 ebroad
1 jcovert
1 jpeeler
1 klaus3000
1 lmadsen
1 nic
1 qwell
1 schmidts
1 sperreault
1 urosh
1 addix
1 alecdavis
1 c0rnoTa
1 davidw
1 dvossel
1 ebroad
1 falves11
1 jamicque
1 oej
1 okrief
1 samdell3
1 schmidts
1 sdolloff
1 twilson
1 urosh
1 vrban
2 oej
2 RoadKill
1 addix
1 davidw
1 dvossel
1 falves11
1 jamicque
1 jcovert
1 klaus3000
1 mpiazzatnetbug
1 nic_bellamy
1 nickb
1 philipp2
1 schmidts
1 sdolloff
1 tpanton
1 urosh

Closed Issues

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This is a list of all issues from the issue tracker that were closed by changes that went into this release.

Category: Applications/app_dial

#17641: [patch] reset visible_indication after call answering
Revision: 281568
Reporter: klaus3000
Testers: schmidts
Coders: klaus3000

Category: Applications/app_readexten

#15188: [patch] ReadExten returns TIMEOUT in cases where it should return OK or INVALID
Revision: 281723
Reporter: jcovert
Coders: jcovert

Category: Channels/chan_dahdi

#16770: [patch] Unrecognized prilocaldialplan NPI modifier
Revision: 282608
Reporter: jamicque
Testers: jamicque
Coders: tilghman

#17874: [patch] Q931 - Sending PROGRESS after sending ALERTING is a protocol error
Revision: 283050
Reporter: nic_bellamy
Coders: nic

Category: Channels/chan_iax2

#17804: ACCEPT message should contain an FORMAT2 ie as well as a FORMAT ie
Revision: 282545
Reporter: tpanton
Coders: dvossel

Category: Channels/chan_sip/General

#17622: [patch] STUN support not reliable
Revision: 282302
Reporter: philipp2
Coders: dvossel

#17633: [patch] (Regression) Pickup from Grandstream BLF button ignores the context specified in Pickup command
Revision: 282236
Reporter: urosh
Testers: dvossel, urosh, okrief, alecdavis
Coders: urosh, dvossel

#17712: TOS_SIP does not get set
Revision: 282895
Reporter: nickb
Coders: dvossel

#17756: Turn on ALWAYSAUTHREJECT by default
Revision: 281650
Reporter: oej
Coders: russell

Category: Channels/chan_sip/IPv6

#17757: [patch] Outbound proxy set to IPv6 address in square brackets doesn't work
Revision: 281687
Reporter: oej
Testers: oej
Coders: sperreault

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Interoperability

#17829: [patch] Registration of SIP phone denied on transport=unknown
Revision: 282577
Reporter: falves11
Testers: falves11
Coders: russell, dvossel

Category: Channels/chan_sip/T.38

#16705: [patch] [regression] T.38 negotiation Broken
Revision: 282860
Reporter: mpiazzatnetbug
Testers: vrban, ebroad, c0rnoTa, samdell3
Coders: ebroad

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Transfers

#17007: [patch] RTP Timestamp changes after transfer, but SSRC not and the markerbit ist not set.
Revision: 282468
Reporter: addix
Testers: addix, twilson
Coders: addix, twilson

#17486: [patch] response_refer() does not have a default case, so a 400 final response stalls in the Transfer() application
Revision: 281874
Reporter: davidw
Testers: davidw
Coders: davidw

Category: Core/CodecInterface

#16841: Codec translation path builder does not produce expected results with 16khz and 32khz audio
Revision: 282047
Reporter: dvossel
Coders: dvossel

Category: Core/Configuration

#17833: [patch] say.conf has problem with large numbers
Revision: 281764
Reporter: RoadKill
Coders: RoadKill

#17836: [patch] say.conf added support for Danish
Revision: 281875
Reporter: RoadKill
Coders: RoadKill

Category: Core/General

#17742: [patch] ast_sched_runq runs to much events if one event runs too long
Revision: 281575
Reporter: schmidts
Coders: schmidts

Category: Core/RTP

#17404: [patch] [regression] audio delay when bridging calls related to timestamp mismatch
Revision: 281913
Reporter: sdolloff
Testers: sdolloff
Coders: jpeeler

Commits Not Associated with an Issue

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This is a list of all changes that went into this release that did not directly close an issue from the issue tracker. The commits may have been marked as being related to an issue. If that is the case, the issue numbers are listed here, as well.

RevisionAuthorSummaryIssues Referenced
281760mnicholsonAvoid a deadlock in add_header_max_forwards().
281870rmudgettFix a call to analog_set_pulsedial() not setting 0 or 1 only.
281982russellRemove debugging output from verbose messages.
282015russellPut back pointer value output for ast_debug(), such that it is only removed for verbose output.
282066russellAdd a "core reload" CLI command.
282098rmudgettSeparate call completion config parameter allocation and default initialization.
282131qwellRegister CLI commands before parsing config, in case there is a config error.
282200twilsonDetect when libsrtp cannot be linked in a shared library
282201twilsonWhitespace fix :-/
282269dvosselres_stun_monitor for monitoring network changes behind a NAT device
282271dvosselres_stun_monitor and corresponding options CHANGES documentation
282334rmudgettPRI CCSS may use a stale dial string for the recall dial string.
282366tilghmanFix our FRACKing issue with chan_iax2 a different way.
282470lmadsenAdd information about creating sounds files using
282543dvosselfixes truncated uint64_t value in put_unaligned_uint64_t() function #17804
282638russellSplit _all_ arguments before parsing them.
282639mnicholsonProperly handle 200 and unknown responses conatined in NOTIFY requests received in response to REFER requests. #17486, #12713
282671rmudgettUse the correct operator when calculating the PRI span devstate.
282672rmudgettUse the correct type for aoce_delayhangup bit field.
282740twilsonAdd some documentation about codec negotiation to sip.conf
282826tilghmanOnly output debugging if the debug level is on.
282891dvosselfixes sip peer memory leaks in the peer_by_ip table #17798
282979russellAdd an argument missing from the CELGenUserEvent documentation.
283013russellFix a typo in a column name.
283125rmudgettMerged revision 278274 from
283173russellExpand cel_custom.conf.sample.
283175tilghmanDon't fail to start if the config file is missing.
283177russellCut down on excessive quotation.
283207russellTack on ${eventextra} to the sample cel_custom.conf.
283209russellDon't blow up on an invalid AMA flag.
283230russellMake the AST_CEL_AMA enum match up with the AST_CDR_ ama flag values.
283241russellAdd sample configuration for cel_radius.

Diffstat Results

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This is a summary of the changes to the source code that went into this release that was generated using the diffstat utility.

CHANGES                               |   14 +
UPGRADE.txt                           |    8
apps/app_celgenuserevent.c            |    3
apps/app_readexten.c                  |    2
channels/chan_dahdi.c                 |    3
channels/chan_iax2.c                  |  110 ++++++++++--
channels/chan_multicast_rtp.c         |   10 -
channels/chan_sip.c                   |  280 +++++++++++++++++-------------
channels/sig_analog.c                 |   10 -
channels/sig_analog.h                 |    2
channels/sig_pri.c                    |   17 +
channels/sig_pri.h                    |    4
channels/sip/config_parser.c          |   12 -
channels/sip/include/sip.h            |    2
configs/cel.conf.sample               |   15 +
configs/cel_adaptive_odbc.conf.sample |    2
configs/cel_custom.conf.sample        |   12 +
configs/iax.conf.sample               |    9
configs/res_stun_monitor.conf.sample  |   22 ++
configs/say.conf.sample               |  104 +++++++++++
configs/sip.conf.sample               |   48 +++--                          |   32 +++
doc/tex/asterisk.tex                  |    3
doc/tex/sounds.tex                    |   80 ++++++++
include/asterisk/ccss.h               |   19 +-
include/asterisk/cel.h                |    7
include/asterisk/event_defs.h         |    4
include/asterisk/netsock2.h           |   20 ++
include/asterisk/sched.h              |   10 -
include/asterisk/translate.h          |    8
include/asterisk/unaligned.h          |    2
main/ccss.c                           |   49 +++--
main/cel.c                            |    6
main/channel.c                        |   14 +
main/cli.c                            |   35 +++
main/netsock2.c                       |   16 -
main/pbx.c                            |   12 -
main/sched.c                          |    2
main/translate.c                      |  295 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
pbx/pbx_config.c                      |    6
res/res_stun_monitor.c                |  311 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
41 files changed, 1346 insertions(+), 274 deletions(-)