Release Summary


Date: 2009-04-27


Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Contributors
  3. Closed Issues
  4. Other Changes
  5. Diffstat


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This release includes new features. For a list of new features that have been included with this release, please see the CHANGES file inside the source package. Since this is new major release, users are encouraged to do extended testing before upgrading to this version in a production environment.

The data in this summary reflects changes that have been made since the previous release, asterisk-1.6.0.


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This table lists the people who have submitted code, those that have tested patches, as well as those that reported issues on the issue tracker that were resolved in this release. For coders, the number is how many of their patches (of any size) were committed into this release. For testers, the number is the number of times their name was listed as assisting with testing a patch. Finally, for reporters, the number is the number of issues that they reported that were closed by commits that went into this release.




146 tilghman
133 mmichelson
121 russell
61 file
44 kpfleming
38 jpeeler
35 murf
22 dvossel
22 seanbright
20 twilson
12 mvanbaak
12 rmudgett
11 eliel
11 mnicholson
10 oej
7 dbailey
6 klaus3000
5 alecdavis
5 fnordian
4 andrew53
4 jamesgolovich
4 jaroth
4 lmadsen
4 qwell
3 adomjan
3 bweschke
3 jcovert
3 Marquis
2 bamby
2 bkruse
2 blitzrage
2 dant
2 dhubbard
2 dimas
2 jthurman
2 Nick
2 smurfix
2 ys
1 a
1 alphaque
1 arcivanov
1 asbestoshead
1 baron
1 bergolth
1 caspy
1 chappell
1 crich
1 dbrooks
1 dsedivec
1 dveiga
1 dwpaul
1 fabled
1 festr
1 fiddur
1 flyn
1 folke
1 hjourdain
1 howardwilkinson
1 IgorG
1 irroot
1 jcollie
1 jpgrayson
1 junky
1 jvandal
1 kshumard
1 mika
1 mmaguire
1 nahuelgreco
1 nic
1 nickpeirson
1 nivek
1 paraeco
1 pdf
1 ramonpeek
1 snuffy
1 sobomax
1 srt
1 sruffell
1 stegro
1 tecnoxarxa
1 tweety
1 tzafrir
1 ulogic
1 vinsik
1 vt
1 wedhorn
1 wolfelectronic
15 mmichelson
12 murf
10 blitzrage
7 russell
7 twilson
6 dvossel
6 lmadsen
6 tilghman
5 klaus3000
4 alecdavis
4 caspy
4 file
4 jpeeler
3 davidw
3 jcovert
3 kowalma
3 mnicholson
3 Nick_Lewis
3 pj
2 aragon
2 atis
2 chris-mac
2 cristiandimache
2 festr
2 fiddur
2 francesco_r
2 jamesgolovich
2 mav3rick
2 mvanbaak
2 oej
2 seanbright
2 triccyx
1 aborghi
1 adomjan
1 afu
1 amorsen
1 aramirez
1 arcivanov
1 awk
1 baron
1 barryf
1 barthpbx
1 BlargMaN
1 bluefox
1 bpgoldsb
1 bujones
1 ccesario
1 ckjohnsonme
1 CrashHD
1 crich
1 dant
1 deepesh
1 denisgalvao
1 denke
1 efutch
1 eliel
1 ffloimair
1 fnordian
1 gork
1 ip-rob
1 jamessan
1 jeffg
1 jmls
1 john8675309
1 kc0bvu
1 kebl0155
1 krisk84
1 laurav
1 legranjl
1 leobrown
1 Marquis
1 moliveras
1 nathan
1 nickpeirson
1 nivek
1 okrief
1 pdf
1 pinga-fogo
1 qualleyiv
1 rtrauntvein
1 ruddy
1 Russell
1 sasargen
1 sascha
1 schern
1 sergedevorop
1 sgofferj
1 siepkes
1 Skavin
1 snuffy
1 sobomax
1 sodom
1 tacvbo
1 tecnoxarxa
1 tzafrir
1 vadim
1 vazir
1 ys
1 ZX81
14 pj
11 caspy
11 davidw
11 klaus3000
9 alecdavis
9 eliel
8 fnordian
7 chris-mac
7 jcovert
5 dimas
5 jaroth
5 makoto
5 tzafrir
4 andrew53
4 fiddur
4 francesco_r
4 lmadsen
4 Marquis
4 Nick_Lewis
4 smurfix
4 ys
3 adomjan
3 atis
3 cristiandimache
3 dwagner
3 hjourdain
3 jamesgolovich
3 kowalma
3 mjc
3 mmichelson
3 moliveras
3 pabelanger
3 tim_ringenbach
2 amorsen
2 aragon
2 bamby
2 bluecrow76
2 bluefox
2 dant
2 dveiga
2 evandro
2 festr
2 ffloimair
2 howardwilkinson
2 IgorG
2 irroot
2 jamessan
2 jcollie
2 jvandal
2 kebl0155
2 kobaz
2 mdu113
2 mnicholson
2 oej
2 performer
2 pkempgen
2 RadicAlish
2 ruddy
2 russell
2 seandarcy
2 srt
2 tilghman
2 timking
2 tomo1657
2 triccyx
1 a_villacis
1 aborghi
1 acunningham
1 agalbraith
1 akkornel
1 alerios
1 alex70
1 alphaque
1 alx
1 amessina
1 andrew
1 arkadia
1 asbestoshead
1 awk
1 baron
1 barryf
1 barthpbx
1 bcnit
1 bergolth
1 BlargMaN
1 bpgoldsb
1 ccesario
1 chappell
1 cheesegrits
1 Christian_Pinedo
1 ckjohnsonme
1 clegall_proformatique
1 corruptor
1 CrashHD
1 D_McNaul
1 davevg
1 ddl
1 decryptus_proformatique
1 deepesh
1 denke
1 DennisD
1 dome
1 dsedivec
1 dwpaul
1 dzajro
1 efutch
1 elguero
1 epicac
1 erogoza
1 explidous
1 fabled
1 ffs
1 fhackenberger
1 flyn
1 fmueller
1 folke
1 garychen
1 genie
1 gork
1 grant
1 greenfieldtech
1 guillecabeza
1 hoowa
1 hotsblanc
1 ibercom
1 igorcarneiro
1 infiniti_guy
1 ip-rob
1 itiliti
1 jcapp
1 jeffg
1 JimDickenson
1 jmls
1 john8675309
1 jpgrayson
1 jsmith
1 jthurman
1 jtodd
1 junky
1 kernelsensei
1 kombjuder
1 krisk84
1 kryptolus
1 kshumard
1 Laureano
1 legranjl
1 leobrown
1 linulin
1 macli
1 markd
1 marsosa
1 martins
1 marvinek
1 matt_b
1 Matti
1 mav3rick
1 maxgo
1 mbit
1 mcallist
1 meitinger
1 meric
1 mika
1 mmaguire
1 mostyn
1 mousepad99
1 moy
1 mthomasslo
1 mvanbaak
1 nahuelgreco
1 nathan
1 navis
1 navkumar
1 nemo
1 Netview
1 neutrino88
1 nic_bellamy
1 nickpeirson
1 nicox
1 nivek
1 Nugget
1 p_lindheimer
1 pananix
1 paraeco
1 pdf
1 pep
1 Peter Schlaile
1 pida
1 riksta
1 rtrauntvein
1 sasargen
1 sascha
1 schern
1 scramatte
1 seanbright
1 sergedevorop
1 sgofferj
1 shawkris
1 sherpya
1 Skavin
1 snuffy
1 snyfer
1 sobomax
1 sodom
1 stegro
1 stevenla
1 still_nsk
1 strk
1 stuarth
1 sum
1 sverre
1 tacvbo
1 tbelder
1 tecnoxarxa
1 toc
1 trevo
1 ulogic
1 vhatz
1 vicks1
1 vinsik
1 vrban
1 vsauer
1 vt
1 waverly360
1 wedhorn
1 ygor
1 yraber
1 ZX81

Closed Issues

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This is a list of all issues from the issue tracker that were closed by changes that went into this release.

Category: Addons/General

#14847: Truncation problem with AMI ActionID
Revision: 186722
Reporter: kobaz
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Addons/New Feature

#14734: AUDIOHOOK_INHERIT crash after sip attended transfer
Revision: 185199
Reporter: corruptor
Coders: file

Category: Applications/General

#13473: [patch] Asterisk 1.6.0-rc6 crashes with ReceiveFAX
Revision: 157785
Reporter: genie
Coders: tilghman

#14011: [patch] Incorrect jump to extension
Revision: 170053
Reporter: dveiga
Coders: dveiga

Category: Applications/SLA

#12471: No ringback toward SIP trunk on inbound SLA call (Again)
Revision: 162302
Reporter: mthomasslo
Coders: russell

Category: Applications/app_cdr

#12694: [patch] Bad disposition on originated IAX2 calls
Revision: 159375
Reporter: yraber
Testers: murf, laurav
Coders: murf

Category: Applications/app_chanspy

#14111: [patch] app_chanspy crashed so-as "chanspy_ds.lock" has random values
Revision: 165892
Reporter: ys
Coders: ys

Category: Applications/app_dial

#11583: [branch] Allow disconnect feature before a call is bridged
Revision: 183198
Reporter: sobomax
Testers: sobomax, dvossel
Coders: sobomax, murf, dvossel

#12929: retrydial hangs up when using a silent soundfile as anouncement
Revision: 158069
Reporter: snyfer
Coders: jpeeler

#13216: [patch] Incorrect ANSWERTIME when using M option
Revision: 152370
Reporter: ruddy
Testers: ruddy
Coders: tilghman

#13625: Dial with timeout 0 places a call and immediately cancels it.
Revision: 149280
Reporter: atis
Coders: mmichelson

#13764: 302 Redirect (forward no answer) to bad extension causes channel to be left up (Ringing)
Revision: 159561
Reporter: davidw
Testers: mmichelson, davidw
Coders: mmichelson

#13793: app_dial doesn't report back DIALSTATUS, ANSWEREDTIME and DIALEDTIME
Revision: 153266
Reporter: greenfieldtech
Coders: twilson

#13851: Unlimited call for limited calls under 1 seconds (L option)
Revision: 156389
Reporter: ruddy
Coders: tilghman

#13898: [patch] Limit connect file and others will not play warnings
Revision: 157255
Reporter: alecdavis
Testers: alecdavis
Coders: tilghman

#14118: Asterisk crashes when calling more than a single location
Revision: 166275
Reporter: lmadsen
Testers: blitzrage
Coders: mmichelson

#14164: Dial() option d is not working
Revision: 174947
Reporter: DennisD
Testers: mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#14601: [patch] Duplication of code for dial_exec_options 'option k' and 'option K'
Revision: 180122
Reporter: alecdavis
Coders: alecdavis

#14647: Incorrect argument parsing in RetryDial causes asterisk to crash
Revision: 181614
Reporter: sherpya
Coders: file

#14845: asterisk does not play warning file when have SIP-SIP Packet2Packet bridging
Revision: 186835
Reporter: adomjan
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Applications/app_directed_pickup

#14005: Pickup() can't pickup calls to some SIP devices
Revision: 162344
Reporter: ddl
Coders: file

Category: Applications/app_directory

#13804: app_directory crashses Asterisk when voicemail entry doesn't have a name
Revision: 152648
Reporter: bluecrow76
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Applications/app_disa

#13330: [patch] DISA does not accept extensions beginning with "#"
Revision: 162018
Reporter: jcovert
Coders: russell

Category: Applications/app_echo

#13697: [patch] Comply with trunk coding guidlines
Revision: 149589
Reporter: alecdavis
Coders: alecdavis

Category: Applications/app_externalivr

#14251: Externalivr not sending 'H' event on channel hangup.
Revision: 174330
Reporter: chris-mac
Testers: dvossel
Coders: dvossel

Category: Applications/app_fax

#13688: [patch] Update app_fax to work with spandsp-0.0.6
Revision: 148869
Reporter: irroot
Coders: irroot

#14073: app_fax needs additional include to build with spandsp-0.0.6pre3
Revision: 164266
Reporter: seandarcy
Coders: file

Category: Applications/app_festival

#14038: apps/app_festival.c does not compile for PPC target
Revision: 162278
Reporter: ffloimair
Coders: file

Category: Applications/app_followme

#14140: [patch] followme should answer the call
Revision: 167502
Reporter: dimas
Coders: dimas

#14758: app_followme doesn't initialize targs
Revision: 184845
Reporter: tim_ringenbach
Coders: russell

Category: Applications/app_macro

#13363: [patch] Device Side transfer of a call between 2 extensions leads to failure because MACRO_DEPTH is not reset
Revision: 165323
Reporter: p_lindheimer
Coders: tilghman

Category: Applications/app_meetme

#13173: [branch] Asterisk blocked when 2 or more users leave a meetme when announce user is on
Revision: 156247
Reporter: pep
Coders: jpeeler

#13522: [patch] Incorrect calculation of Realtime conference announcements
Revision: 147719
Reporter: DEA
Coders: DEA

#13555: Joining a MeetMe conference and hanging up shortly after results in SIGSEGV
Revision: 146698
Reporter: jeffg
Testers: jeffg
Coders: kpfleming

#13889: [patch] Memory leak if the sla_thread is not running
Revision: 156296
Reporter: eliel
Coders: eliel

#13899: After upgrading from to 1.4.22 running MeetMe with D option doesn't ask for conference PIN
Revision: 157367
Reporter: akkornel
Coders: jpeeler

#14117: Incorrect processing of "maxuser" parameter in real-time meetme
Revision: 168707
Reporter: sergedevorop
Testers: sergedevorop
Coders: seanbright

#14282: conference calling crashes Asterisk
Revision: 170150
Reporter: cheesegrits
Coders: file

#14322: MeetMe conference crashes Asterisk 95% of the time when the last user hangs up/exits the conference.
Revision: 174043
Reporter: amessina
Coders: file

#14482: [patch] FreeBSD: set nonblocking mode on /dev/dahdi/pseudo failed.
Revision: 176257
Reporter: ys
Testers: ys
Coders: ys

Category: Applications/app_minivm

#13943: [patch] Multiple bugs in app_minivm
Revision: 167836
Reporter: Marquis
Coders: Marquis

#14081: MinivmAccMess() does not set MINIVM_ACCMESS_STATUS
Revision: 164625
Reporter: pkempgen
Coders: russell

Category: Applications/app_mixmonitor

#13116: Asterisk segfaults many times daily using mixmonitor
Revision: 171624
Reporter: aragon
Coders: mmichelson

#13538: [patch] Recording stops after Transfer when using MixMonitor()
Revision: 166098
Reporter: mbit
Testers: mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Applications/app_page

#14217: [patch] app_page causes undefined behavior when paging a page group with more than 128 extensions
Revision: 168596
Reporter: a_villacis
Testers: twilson
Coders: a

#14308: Paging application crashes asterisk
Revision: 170982
Reporter: bluefox
Testers: kc0bvu
Coders: seanbright

Category: Applications/app_parkandannounce

#14215: Asterisk crashes anytime a call is parked by any method.
Revision: 168981
Reporter: waverly360
Testers: twilson
Coders: twilson

#14304: ParkAndAnnounce loses "priority" of the return argument
Revision: 170049
Reporter: jcovert
Coders: file

Category: Applications/app_queue

#12884: [patch] Queue is treated as empty if it isn't, but no agents meet the QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY and QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY criteria
Revision: 152645
Reporter: bcnit
Testers: twilson
Coders: twilson

#13220: [patch] Calls in high-weighted queue block low-weighted
Revision: 185088
Reporter: garychen
Coders: mmichelson

#13395: [patch] Attended transfers do not call update_queue until after transfered call ends
Revision: 149203
Reporter: Marquis
Coders: Marquis

#13548: exten = 2813,n, Queue(test,c,,,,,,inqueue) craches when went into invalid extension
Revision: 160628
Reporter: fiddur
Coders: mmichelson

#13883: Join event uses CallerID header for caller ID number, when other events now use CallerIDNum
Revision: 158927
Reporter: davidw
Coders: mnicholson

#14014: [patch] DAHDI group dials/members broken with AddQueueMember / queue member add
Revision: 169613
Reporter: kebl0155
Testers: kebl0155
Coders: mmichelson

#14033: Delete a queue from realtime crashes Asterisk
Revision: 164273
Reporter: cristiandimache
Testers: cristiandimache
Coders: mmichelson

#14034: app_queue does not update on realtime update
Revision: 163875
Reporter: cristiandimache
Testers: twilson, cristiandimache
Coders: twilson

#14060: [patch] Astrerisk crashes using the app_queue.c transfer datastores
Revision: 163083
Reporter: nivek
Testers: nivek
Coders: nivek

#14086: Address out of bounds in queue_log using transfer
Revision: 168631
Reporter: ZX81
Testers: ZX81, festr
Coders: mmichelson

#14173: Agent shows "(In use)" and will not receive queue calls while agent is logged in waiting for queue calls (1.4.22)
Revision: 171693
Reporter: nathan
Testers: nathan, aramirez
Coders: mmichelson

#14179: chan local show as invalid in app queue
Revision: 167491
Reporter: CrashHD
Testers: CrashHD
Coders: lmadsen

#14227: queue-thankyou should be played only if needed
Revision: 174950
Reporter: caspy
Testers: caspy
Coders: mmichelson

#14227: queue-thankyou should be played only if needed
Revision: 180009
Reporter: caspy
Coders: mmichelson

#14227: queue-thankyou should be played only if needed
Revision: 182123
Reporter: caspy
Coders: mmichelson

#14260: Asterisk crashes anytime in call queues
Revision: 171620
Reporter: ccesario
Testers: ccesario
Coders: mmichelson

#14272: Queue timeout default is wrong
Revision: 169575
Reporter: timking
Coders: mmichelson

#14359: The status of a local channel in state_interface of a queue is wrong the first time is added and lost after a reload
Revision: 173541
Reporter: francesco_r
Coders: mmichelson

#14376: autopause should not pause interfaces that are busy
Revision: 173695
Reporter: fiddur
Testers: fiddur
Coders: mmichelson

#14672: Incorrect calling of free() at alloc_queue() in app_queue.c
Revision: 185263
Reporter: makoto
Coders: russell

#14680: unfreed memory in try_calling
Revision: 183246
Reporter: caspy
Testers: caspy
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Applications/app_read

#14279: [patch] Pressing only # when app_read is playing multiple prompts does not act as expected
Revision: 180080
Reporter: Marquis
Testers: Marquis, dvossel
Coders: Marquis, dvossel

Category: Applications/app_record

#13669: If the user hangup during recording, recorded file isn't removed
Revision: 164960
Reporter: pj
Coders: jpeeler

#14341: [patch] delete file on hangup in app_record does not make sense
Revision: 175551
Reporter: fnordian
Coders: file

Category: Applications/app_rpt

#14435: Asterisk 1.6.1-rc1 compile bomb in apps/app_rpt - undefined AST_PBX_KEEPALIVE at line #13622
Revision: 174437
Reporter: D_McNaul
Coders: murf

Category: Applications/app_sms

#13594: SMS help is incorrect, Typo
Revision: 147593
Reporter: alecdavis
Testers: alecdavis
Coders: tilghman

#13595: SMS receive file name incorrect
Revision: 147593
Reporter: alecdavis
Testers: alecdavis
Coders: tilghman

#13617: [patch] SMS app ignores parameter 'p' - initial pause
Revision: 148986
Reporter: alecdavis
Coders: alecdavis

#13675: [patch] app_sms doesn't answer the call, currently requires Answer() before hand
Revision: 150258
Reporter: alecdavis
Coders: alecdavis

#14881: [patch] smsq uses '|' rather than ',' for options in call file
Revision: 188208
Reporter: stegro
Coders: stegro

Category: Applications/app_test

#12442: pri loop TestClient/TestServer fails: server SEND DTMF 8
Revision: 184394
Reporter: tzafrir
Coders: dvossel

Category: Applications/app_transfer

#13579: blindxfer doesn't work properly
Revision: 148115
Reporter: dwagner
Testers: murf, mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#13789: [patch] Application not accept any option after deleting jump+101
Revision: 152133
Reporter: IgorG
Coders: IgorG

#14374: Revision 172517 segfault after using A *2 transfer to B and B dial *2
Revision: 173591
Reporter: aragon
Testers: aragon, mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Applications/app_voicemail

#14377: MAILBOX_EXISTS crashes Asterisk when called with empty argument
Revision: 172743
Reporter: amorsen
Coders: tilghman

#14406: [patch] Voicemail message recording file is shorter than duration reported in msg????.txt
Revision: 179471
Reporter: sasargen
Testers: sasargen
Coders: tilghman

#14599: searchcontexts=yes causes voicemail boxes to be setup wrong
Revision: 180425
Reporter: lmadsen
Testers: lmadsen
Coders: mmichelson

#14685: When using IMAP voicemail storage, you cannot retrieve messages by logging into VoicemailMain()
Revision: 186288
Reporter: BlargMaN
Testers: BlargMaN, qualleyiv, mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#14736: [patch] message "you have no messages" garbled
Revision: 185471
Reporter: chappell
Coders: chappell

#14912: voicemail umask / permissions bug
Revision: 188776
Reporter: jcapp
Coders: tilghman

Category: Applications/app_voicemail/IMAP

#13605: [patch] Compile error with IMAP_STORAGE due to removed autoconfig.h in Makefile
Revision: 148240
Reporter: tomo1657
Testers: mmichelson
Coders: seanbright

#13642: [patch] Messages not deleted properly when delete=yes in voicemail.conf
Revision: 157563
Reporter: jaroth
Coders: jaroth

#13652: [patch] Asterisk IMAP headers are not processed correctly
Revision: 148151
Reporter: jaroth
Coders: jaroth

#13653: [patch] Shared IMAP mailboxes can cause the server to crash
Revision: 165808
Reporter: howardwilkinson
Testers: jpeeler
Coders: howardwilkinson

#13673: [patch] Addition of a Mailbox id facility to allow shared mailboxes to work
Revision: 173699
Reporter: howardwilkinson
Coders: jpeeler

#13829: [patch] Hang up during call forward into voicemail crashes Asterisk.
Revision: 154092
Reporter: jaroth
Coders: tilghman

#13853: mwi activates for more than one mailbox if they have the same mailbox name but different contexts.
Revision: 180467
Reporter: vicks1
Testers: lmadsen
Coders: mmichelson

#13905: [patch] Messages not marked as read/unread properly when moved from New to Old folder and back.
Revision: 173775
Reporter: jaroth
Coders: jaroth

#14063: [patch] Urgent messages are automatically forwarded as urgent
Revision: 163214
Reporter: jaroth
Coders: jaroth

#14253: [patch] app_voicemail leaves sockets in close wait.
Revision: 177539
Reporter: Skavin
Testers: Skavin
Coders: tilghman

#14473: [patch] Crash in VoiceMailMain if hangup occurs before a valid mailbox number is entered (IMAP only)
Revision: 175593
Reporter: dwpaul
Coders: dwpaul

Category: Applications/app_voicemail/NewFeature

#11678: [patch] Notification email should use the voicemail's metadata
Revision: 186448
Reporter: jamessan
Testers: tilghman, lmadsen
Coders: tilghman

Category: Applications/app_voicemail/ODBC

#13659: [patch] User not notified that a temporary greeting is active when using ODBC voicemail
Revision: 148269
Reporter: moliveras
Testers: moliveras
Coders: tilghman

Category: Applications/app_waitforsilence

#13658: WAITSTATUS will never get set for digitally muted channels
Revision: 149063
Reporter: explidous
Coders: tilghman

Category: CDR/General

#13597: clid will only set number not name
Revision: 160766
Reporter: john8675309
Testers: murf, john8675309
Coders: murf

#14306: CDR not written when Busy() used
Revision: 189069
Reporter: cristiandimache
Coders: mnicholson

Category: CDR/cdr_csv

#13942: On a configuration reload, cdr_csv ignores options if cdr.conf was unchanged
Revision: 158377
Reporter: davidw
Testers: davidw
Coders: twilson

Category: CDR/cdr_pgsql

#14058: cdr_pgsql does not work in asterisk 1.6.0.x
Revision: 164355
Reporter: navis
Coders: tilghman

Category: CDR/cdr_sqlite3_custom

#14563: Segmentation fault caused by sqlite3_log
Revision: 179163
Reporter: alerios
Coders: tilghman

Category: Channels/General

#13505: Memory leak in channel variables
Revision: 149202
Reporter: mav3rick
Testers: mav3rick, triccyx
Coders: tilghman

#13676: channel get stuck on ast_queue_frame when hanging up
Revision: 148915
Reporter: tacvbo
Testers: tacvbo
Coders: mmichelson

#13962: Blind transfer does not work upgrade to 1.4.23-rc1
Revision: 165323
Reporter: francesco_r
Coders: tilghman

Category: Channels/chan_agent

#12269: [branch] Deadlock after Originate from AMI to Agent
Revision: 168510
Reporter: IgorG
Testers: denisgalvao
Coders: jpeeler

#13921: Configuration reload overrides channel variable setting of ackcall (autologoff, acceptdtmf and enddtmf)
Revision: 159438
Reporter: davidw
Testers: davidw
Coders: mmichelson

#14091: autologoff does not work
Revision: 189206
Reporter: evandro
Coders: dvossel

Category: Channels/chan_dahdi

#13034: [patch] 183 response although progressinband=never
Revision: 183333
Reporter: klaus3000
Testers: klaus3000
Coders: tilghman, klaus3000

#13408: [patch] send rel with unallocated cause code insted of normal call clearing when call invalid extension
Revision: 155325
Reporter: adomjan
Coders: adomjan

#13759: [patch] Obvious typo (logic error)
Revision: 151602
Reporter: smurfix
Coders: smurfix

#13786: [patch] DAHDI_CHECK_HOOKSTATE automatically defined when chan_dahdi is built with zaptel support
Revision: 160329
Reporter: tzafrir
Coders: jpeeler

#14057: Deadlock chan_dahdi.c and channel.c
Revision: 166440
Reporter: rtrauntvein
Testers: rtrauntvein
Coders: mmichelson

#14090: [patch] unable to set DAHDI_VMWI to lower level drivers
Revision: 164604
Reporter: alecdavis
Coders: alecdavis

#14113: Asterisk 1.6.1-beta4 and always crash when dialing or receiving a call trough wcb4xxp
Revision: 166571
Reporter: francesco_r
Testers: francesco_r
Coders: mmichelson

#14655: [patch] Wrong text for HELP DAHDI
Revision: 183703
Reporter: ulogic
Testers: lmadsen
Coders: ulogic

Category: Channels/chan_h323

#11261: [patch] chan_h323 with H323Plus for TRUNK (SVN rev. 89183)
Revision: 182724
Reporter: vhatz
Coders: jthurman

#11966: Compile Fail when enable Module Embedding
Revision: 187914
Reporter: dome
Testers: jpeeler
Coders: kpfleming

#12415: chan_h323 doesn't respect rtp packetization settings
Revision: 189996
Reporter: pj
Coders: mvanbaak

#13219: possible missing unlock
Revision: 164884
Reporter: pj
Coders: russell

#13400: [patch] POSIX thread operations errors
Revision: 152974
Reporter: Matti
Coders: tilghman

#14715: [patch] Simplify h323 Make process
Revision: 184840
Reporter: jthurman
Testers: tzafrir, russell
Coders: jthurman

Category: Channels/chan_iax2

#13011: [patch] find_idle_thread() uses spin wait
Revision: 154917
Reporter: jpgrayson
Coders: jpgrayson

#13232: [patch] iax2-provision is not freeing iax_templates structure.
Revision: 160665
Reporter: eliel
Testers: eliel
Coders: eliel

#13468: IAX Transfer/releasing between 3 asterisk's are not working.
Revision: 173506
Reporter: nicox
Testers: dvossel
Coders: dvossel

#13628: IAX port change using dnsmgr
Revision: 166272
Reporter: pananix
Testers: file, blitzrage
Coders: jpeeler

#13645: chan_iax2 isn't using HANGUP anymore?
Revision: 156288
Reporter: dzajro
Testers: vazir
Coders: tilghman

#13717: [patch] crashes randomly
Revision: 154367
Reporter: kowalma
Testers: kowalma
Coders: tilghman

#13918: [patch] IAX2 not conforming to standard
Revision: 159249
Reporter: ffloimair
Testers: ffloimair
Coders: tilghman

#13919: [patch] Asterisk core dumps random
Revision: 159280
Reporter: barthpbx
Testers: barthpbx
Coders: eliel

#14082: no iax trunking on 1.6.1-beta3
Revision: 164527
Reporter: seandarcy
Coders: russell

#14283: Codec negotiation fails on calls from 1.2 -> 1.6, and is sub-optimum on calls from 1.6->1.6
Revision: 177700
Reporter: jcovert
Coders: dvossel

#14607: chan_iax2.c: Packet Decrypt Failed! encrypted IAX2 during packet loss causes hangup and end of call
Revision: 181373
Reporter: stevenla
Testers: dvossel
Coders: dvossel

Category: Channels/chan_local

#13343: Local channel does not support exten/callerid style dialplan entries (ast_exists_extension placement).
Revision: 146715
Reporter: efutch
Testers: efutch
Coders: tilghman

#13368: [patch] chan_local doesn't copy the dialplan (cid.cid_ton) into the new channel
Revision: 152217
Reporter: Peter Schlaile
Coders: tilghman

#13807: [patch] Missing mutex unlock on error inside local_call().
Revision: 152924
Reporter: eliel
Coders: eliel

#14189: segmentation fault in local_queue_frame at chan_local.c:172
Revision: 169213
Reporter: sascha
Testers: sascha
Coders: mmichelson

#14656: [patch] unfreed memory in Local channel
Revision: 182280
Reporter: caspy
Testers: caspy
Coders: tilghman

Category: Channels/chan_mgcp

#13785: [patch] Memory leak while reloading
Revision: 152444
Reporter: eliel
Coders: eliel

Category: Channels/chan_misdn

#13488: mISDN rejects incoming calls
Revision: 185126
Reporter: Christian_Pinedo
Testers: crich, siepkes, festr
Coders: crich

Category: Channels/chan_oss

#13686: [patch] Console/dsp not hanging up after playing sound file.
Revision: 171190
Reporter: itiliti
Coders: tilghman

Category: Channels/chan_sip/CodecHandling

#14000: [patch] Wrong usage of sscanf with use of uninitialized variable caused accidental parsing of RTP/SAVP
Revision: 160325
Reporter: folke
Coders: folke

#14249: One way voice after attended transfer
Revision: 170664
Reporter: RadicAlish
Coders: file

Category: Channels/chan_sip/DatabaseSupport

#14196: [patch] Realtime peers are never qualified after 'sip reload'
Revision: 176461
Reporter: pdf
Testers: pdf
Coders: pdf

Category: Channels/chan_sip/General

#12006: [patch] chan_sip fails to set contact, via, and sdp headers correctly with outboundproxy set
Revision: 188069
Reporter: mnicholson
Coders: file

#12013: SIP with canreinvite=yes through multiple Asterisk instances fails
Revision: 185848
Reporter: alx
Coders: dvossel

#12761: [patch] chan_sip: build_contact() does not put alternate port setting in Contact header
Revision: 151513
Reporter: asbestoshead
Coders: asbestoshead

#12994: [patch] Spamming CLI / logs with 'Remote host can't match request BYE to call...'
Revision: 158084
Reporter: pabelanger
Coders: mmichelson

#13071: [patch] OPTIONS response on default port.
Revision: 168196
Reporter: baron
Testers: baron
Coders: baron

#13209: DTMF RFC2833 via SIP is not working
Revision: 162207
Reporter: ip-rob
Testers: ip-rob, bujones
Coders: file

#13383: [patch] Turn off qualify on uncached realtime peers
Revision: 153123
Reporter: tilghman
Coders: tilghman

#13474: [patch] usereqphone parameter doesn't work
Revision: 161729
Reporter: mmaguire
Coders: mmaguire

#13531: [patch] Hold logic broken?
Revision: 158232
Reporter: sgofferj
Testers: sgofferj
Coders: mmichelson

#13545: Channel re-invited on destination ringing not re-invited back if ringing abandoned.
Revision: 165605
Reporter: davidw
Coders: file

#13547: [patch] Asterisk crash getting fax by sip channel
Revision: 174086
Reporter: tecnoxarxa
Testers: tecnoxarxa
Coders: tecnoxarxa

#13602: [patch] Bad handling of Contact header, which should not be present in 1XX responses to REGISTER, but also in several other case
Revision: 173964
Reporter: hjourdain
Testers: mnicholson
Coders: mnicholson

#13602: [patch] Bad handling of Contact header, which should not be present in 1XX responses to REGISTER, but also in several other case
Revision: 173966
Reporter: hjourdain
Testers: mnicholson
Coders: mnicholson

#13626: [patch] CANCEL before Trying
Revision: 155469
Reporter: atis
Testers: atis
Coders: mmichelson

#13634: Asterisk fills "via" header not correctly.
Revision: 164662
Reporter: performer
Coders: file

#13644: insecure doesn't work
Revision: 148377
Reporter: pj
Testers: pj
Coders: mmichelson

#13668: sip show inuse count is negative
Revision: 148375
Reporter: mjc
Coders: mmichelson

#13668: sip show inuse count is negative
Revision: 157429
Reporter: mjc
Coders: wolfelectronic

#13700: [patch] peer outboundproxy-ptr is copied to dialog and then freed
Revision: 149803
Reporter: fnordian
Testers: fnordian
Coders: mmichelson

#13705: Can't use type=friend anymore in sip.conf
Revision: 151328
Reporter: lmadsen
Coders: bweschke

#13706: [patch] SIP_NOTIFY message incorrectly builds address in the To: tag
Revision: 151514
Reporter: andrew53
Coders: andrew53

#13710: [patch] MWI NOTIFY always tries to use UDP, even if the peer is connected via TCP
Revision: 151430
Reporter: andrew53
Coders: andrew53

#13713: [patch] Inband DTMF on outbound call is not detected when dtmfmode=auto
Revision: 181298
Reporter: makoto
Coders: file

#13714: [patch] invites with proxy_auth have wrong via-branch-tag
Revision: 150208
Reporter: fnordian
Coders: fnordian

#13715: [patch] Using SIP_HEADER in AMI with NULL channel causes crash
Revision: 150303
Reporter: makoto
Coders: mmichelson

#13715: [patch] Using SIP_HEADER in AMI with NULL channel causes crash
Revision: 150829
Reporter: makoto
Coders: bweschke

#13727: [patch] resolving hostnames should ignore uri-paramters
Revision: 151421
Reporter: fnordian
Coders: fnordian

#13795: [patch] Incorrect use of sizeof()
Revision: 152573
Reporter: andrew53
Coders: andrew53

#13811: peer matching issue when use type=peer
Revision: 163640
Reporter: pj
Coders: file

#13849: problem handling race condition - reINVITE before ACK
Revision: 187495
Reporter: klaus3000
Testers: mmichelson, klaus3000
Coders: mmichelson

#13867: [patch] Reject an incoming call to peer due to call limit with "603 Declined". It`s not correct.
Revision: 158067
Reporter: still_nsk
Testers: blitzrage
Coders: mmichelson

#13878: [patch] Can't record early media after sending a "183 Session Progress".
Revision: 157531
Reporter: nahuelgreco
Testers: mmichelson
Coders: nahuelgreco

#13970: CLI command "help sip set history {on|off}" shows deprectated usage in help text
Revision: 165794
Reporter: pkempgen
Coders: blitzrage

#13989: Enabling qualify on a SIP TCP peer brings pain and coredumps
Revision: 163656
Reporter: Nugget
Coders: russell

#14055: "outboundproxy" in "general" section of sip.conf doesn't work
Revision: 165218
Reporter: chris-mac
Coders: file

#14110: [patch] SIPAddHeader problems with escaping and quoting
Revision: 166698
Reporter: gork
Testers: gork, mmichelson
Coders: tilghman

#14149: Continuation - Handle BYE instead of CANCEL from callers (issue 0004994)
Revision: 181771
Reporter: legranjl
Testers: legranjl
Coders: mmichelson

#14180: sip show users does not exist
Revision: 168611
Reporter: amorsen
Testers: blitzrage, amorsen
Coders: mmichelson

#14192: upgrading from asterisk- to branch/asterisk-1.6.1 breaks qualify for TCP peer
Revision: 169082
Reporter: pabelanger
Testers: jamesgolovich
Coders: jamesgolovich

#14220: SIP INVITE packets are incorrectly truncated with 1.6.1 svn after approx 1020 characters
Revision: 169559
Reporter: riksta
Testers: mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#14233: port :0 added to SIP INVITE URI when 'outboundproxy' used in [general] section of sip.conf
Revision: 169079
Reporter: chris-mac
Testers: jamesgolovich, chris-mac, twilson
Coders: jamesgolovich

#14256: [patch] SIP Channel name is not unique
Revision: 188949
Reporter: Nick_Lewis
Testers: Nick_Lewis, file
Coders: Nick

#14295: SIP on hold problems
Revision: 170507
Reporter: klaus3000
Coders: file

#14310: No voice (ringing tone) after call was diverted
Revision: 170571
Reporter: RadicAlish
Coders: file

#14399: wrong call-limit count when counteronpeer=yes
Revision: 174545
Reporter: caspy
Coders: file

#14447: Type uninitialized
Revision: 174582
Reporter: triccyx
Coders: file

#14497: [patch] Wrong order of Channeltype and Uniqueid sent to manager from chan_sip.c
Revision: 177007
Reporter: vinsik
Coders: vinsik

#14505: Resolve remaining issues left over from 'kill-the-user'
Revision: 180263
Reporter: lmadsen
Coders: russell

#14686: Regression: #13867 Reject an incoming call to peer due to call limit with "603 Declined". It`s not correct.
Revision: 186839
Reporter: davidw
Coders: mmichelson

#14727: lock or crash after changing sip 'transport'
Revision: 189774
Reporter: pj
Testers: dvossel
Coders: dvossel

#14784: crash after native bridging
Revision: 187678
Reporter: pj
Coders: tilghman

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Interoperability

#14025: sip register: reserved character check not RFC 3261 compliant
Revision: 162666
Reporter: ffs
Coders: mmichelson

#14346: [patch] CANCEL gets different via header branch than INVITE
Revision: 171540
Reporter: oej
Testers: oej
Coders: oej

#14419: [patch] Asterisk must not perform SRV lookups if a port is specified in the URI
Revision: 174326
Reporter: klaus3000
Coders: klaus3000

#14611: [patch] SIP Attended Transfer fails
Revision: 181035
Reporter: klaus3000
Testers: klaus3000
Coders: klaus3000

#14628: "SIP/2.0 404 Not found" when attended transferring a private number
Revision: 181359
Reporter: sverre
Coders: file

Category: Channels/chan_sip/NewFeature

#13601: Add reboot-snom to sip_notify
Revision: 146314
Reporter: mjc
Testers: seanbright
Coders: seanbright

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Registration

#13309: [patch] chan_sip does not always create regexten for registering peers
Revision: 149209
Reporter: dimas
Coders: dimas

#13570: [patch] Malformed registration line is copied verbatim in To and From headers
Revision: 149132
Reporter: mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#13599: [patch] When unregistering a UA, 200 OK response from Asterisk is not SIP compliant
Revision: 162741
Reporter: hjourdain
Coders: hjourdain

#13633: Asterisk won't register if SIP-port at peer differ than local (5060)
Revision: 162622
Reporter: performer
Coders: file

#13783: [patch] Cannot register with sip providers that require '@' in the username
Revision: 162666
Reporter: navkumar
Coders: mmichelson

#13809: insufficent log information
Revision: 155400
Reporter: denke
Testers: denke
Coders: tilghman

#14107: Incoming SIP invites don't match properly
Revision: 165606
Reporter: jsmith
Coders: file

#14176: [patch] send out the incorrect register request URI to the (fromdomain) outbound proxy
Revision: 168582
Reporter: paraeco
Coders: paraeco

#14185: [patch] Setting registration expiry in registration string does not work
Revision: 172235
Reporter: Nick_Lewis
Testers: Nick_Lewis
Coders: Nick

#14205: Unable to register SIP device with realtime in 1.6.x
Revision: 172133
Reporter: maxgo
Testers: blitzrage
Coders: tilghman

#14211: Asterisk Crashes with signal 11 (segmentation fault) at random intervals (but at least 2 times a day)
Revision: 168979
Reporter: aborghi
Testers: aborghi
Coders: mmichelson

#14284: [patch] Asterisk retransmits the 401 response of failed REGISTER
Revision: 171361
Reporter: klaus3000
Testers: klaus3000
Coders: klaus3000

#14668: register: '/' in username not supported
Revision: 187388
Reporter: Netview
Coders: tilghman

#14885: [patch] rtupdate=no not working
Revision: 188838
Reporter: deepesh
Testers: deepesh
Coders: tilghman

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Subscriptions

#12560: [patch] Problems with NOTIFY due to Asterisk sending wrong CALL-ID and duplicate sip: tag in header of NOTIFY
Revision: 162807
Reporter: vsauer
Coders: ramonpeek

#13238: False state in core show hints
Revision: 174846
Reporter: kowalma
Testers: alecdavis
Coders: tilghman

#13327: pattern match for a hints always gives state:idle for all extensions
Revision: 162949
Reporter: pj
Coders: tilghman

#13525: hint change state to Idle when peer reregisters
Revision: 163006
Reporter: pj
Coders: file

#13525: hint change state to Idle when peer reregisters
Revision: 163581
Reporter: pj
Coders: file

#14037: Memory usage increase when using SUBSCRIBE + vars defined in sip.conf
Revision: 164677
Reporter: marvinek
Testers: russell
Coders: russell

#14531: MWI subscriptions does not works if there is no HINT for extension
Revision: 178232
Reporter: festr
Coders: file

Category: Channels/chan_sip/T.38

#12437: Asterisk negotiates only T.38 when answering even if the other end offers audio
Revision: 184950
Reporter: marsosa
Testers: pinga-fogo, okrief, file, afu
Coders: file

#13050: Memory segmentation fault on T.38 pass through
Revision: 175342
Reporter: schern
Testers: schern
Coders: tilghman

#13600: [patch] Crash in decode_length - udptl.c:159
Revision: 168606
Reporter: atis
Testers: atis
Coders: tilghman

#13976: Invalid SDP attributes for boolean T.38 parameters (T38FaxFillBitRemoval, etc.)
Revision: 167182
Reporter: linulin
Testers: arcivanov
Coders: arcivanov

Category: Channels/chan_sip/TCP-TLS

#14919: RTP ports dont get closed with SIP over TCP
Revision: 189352
Reporter: vrban
Coders: file

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Transfers

#13800: crash after transfer
Revision: 164353
Reporter: dwagner
Coders: tweety

#13956: Asterisk crashes when transfering call multiple times.
Revision: 161722
Reporter: chris-mac
Testers: chris-mac
Coders: mnicholson

#14350: [patch] Asterisk does not detect an attended transfer if the 'Replaces=' option is not at the beginning of the query string
Revision: 173994
Reporter: fhackenberger
Coders: file

Category: Channels/chan_skinny

#13948: [patch] Skinny switch can still send tones after hangup
Revision: 158701
Reporter: wedhorn
Coders: wedhorn

Category: Channels/chan_unistim

#14858: [patch] Regular segfault with chan_unistim
Revision: 189913
Reporter: barryf
Testers: barryf
Coders: tilghman

Category: Codecs/codec_ilbc

#14532: iLBC transcoding times are always zero
Revision: 181733
Reporter: pj
Testers: pj
Coders: tilghman

#14936: Problem in iLBC Source Fetch Script on FreeBSD
Revision: 189852
Reporter: leobrown
Testers: leobrown, mvanbaak
Coders: mvanbaak

Category: Codecs/codec_lpc10

#13702: [patch] Memory leak while trying to free a malloced memory with an ast_free() call instead of just free().
Revision: 149638
Reporter: eliel
Coders: eliel

Category: Core/AstMM

#13858: [patch] On memory allocation failure return NULL or we will crash.
Revision: 157636
Reporter: eliel
Coders: eliel

Category: Core/BuildSystem

#13649: compilation fail on FreeBSD
Revision: 147901
Reporter: ys
Coders: mvanbaak

#13842: [patch] Small fixes to two scripts in build_tools
Revision: 157602
Reporter: snuffy
Testers: snuffy
Coders: snuffy, seanbright

#13887: [patch] libtonezone requires -lm
Revision: 163170
Reporter: tzafrir
Coders: tilghman

#14006: [patch] Use of 'uint' instead of 'unsigned int' causes build problems on FreeBSD
Revision: 161429
Reporter: alphaque
Coders: alphaque

#14224: [patch] fixes for autoconf 2.63 and ptlib-devel (Fedora 10)
Revision: 177164
Reporter: bergolth
Testers: jpeeler
Coders: bergolth

Category: Core/Channels

#13747: Indications are not passed from old peer to new peer during masquerade
Revision: 164300
Reporter: davidw
Testers: russell
Coders: russell

#14127: Enumerated type and integer comparison do not work as you might expect
Revision: 166535
Reporter: andrew
Coders: tilghman

#14221: [patch] DNS SRV messages inadvertently changed from verbosity >3 to 3
Revision: 168524
Reporter: jcovert
Coders: jcovert

#14315: After Dial's L() limit is reached, res_feature's dynamic features don't work
Revision: 176711
Reporter: tim_ringenbach
Coders: jpeeler

#14315: After Dial's L() limit is reached, res_feature's dynamic features don't work
Revision: 179539
Reporter: tim_ringenbach
Coders: jpeeler

#14623: [patch] Race condition between bridge and channel masquerading
Revision: 181426
Reporter: guillecabeza
Coders: russell

Category: Core/Configuration

#13848: [patch] Asterisk crashes if udptl.conf is not available
Revision: 159477
Reporter: klaus3000
Testers: blitzrage
Coders: eliel

#14169: [patch] functions with multiple arguments do not work in AEL dialplan
Revision: 168739
Reporter: fabled
Coders: fabled

#14231: [patch] Parsing and escaping of characters is broken in some cases (e.g. app_System)
Revision: 177761
Reporter: jcovert
Testers: jcovert
Coders: tilghman, jcovert

#14646: The default sip.conf file contains bogus CLI command tip
Revision: 181521
Reporter: strk
Coders: mvanbaak

#14796: Asterisk crashes when empty member in queues.conf
Revision: 185602
Reporter: pida
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Core/FileFormatInterface

#13955: Asterisk crashes when Playback/Backround with non existing file.
Revision: 158855
Reporter: chris-mac
Coders: mnicholson

Category: Core/General

#13301: [patch] AMI UpdateConfig -- When creating category, memory allocation failure in config.c
Revision: 161182
Reporter: trevo
Testers: tilghman, blitzrage
Coders: tilghman

#13464: asterisk console screws up terminal subtly when exited with ctrl-c with some shells
Revision: 163386
Reporter: tzafrir
Testers: blitzrage
Coders: tilghman

#13543: Memory leacks in stress test with failure
Revision: 149202
Reporter: triccyx
Testers: mav3rick, triccyx
Coders: tilghman

#13578: Bang not showing up in on CLI
Revision: 146200
Reporter: mvanbaak
Coders: seanbright

#13593: [patch] MALLOC_DEBUG causes crash in chan_h323
Revision: 181199
Reporter: pj
Coders: jpeeler

#13778: asterisk blocked at startup between main/asterisk.c/loader.c/load_modules and manager.c/loader.c/ast_module_reload
Revision: 151907
Reporter: hotsblanc
Coders: russell

#14004: [patch] restart gracefully drops cap_net_admin capability
Revision: 172504
Reporter: nemo
Testers: tilghman
Coders: tilghman

#14079: [patch] Regression When Playing WAV49 Audio Files
Revision: 164314
Reporter: elguero
Coders: file

#14080: [patch] ast_frdup does not duplicate integer-frame-data
Revision: 164521
Reporter: fnordian
Coders: fnordian

#14177: [patch] ast_db_gettree(family, keytree) completely ignores the keytree argument
Revision: 167306
Reporter: nic_bellamy
Coders: nic

#14194: logger.c:531 rotate_file: system() failed for 'gzip -9 /var/log/asterisk/full.2': No child processes
Revision: 168015
Reporter: pabelanger
Coders: mnicholson

#14263: [patch] Global variables only allow values less than 255 characters
Revision: 170178
Reporter: markd
Coders: tilghman

#14287: [patch] tcptls.c doesn't set correct remote_address
Revision: 169622
Reporter: jamesgolovich
Coders: jamesgolovich

#14373: [patch] Avoid destroying the CLI line when moving the cursor backward and trying to autocomplete.
Revision: 184223
Reporter: eliel
Testers: lmadsen
Coders: eliel

#14414: 1.6.1-rc1 Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault. audiohook.c AST_LIST_TRAVERSE_SAFE_BEGIN
Revision: 173904
Reporter: bluecrow76
Coders: file

#14489: [patch] Add support for loading multiple timing modules
Revision: 176675
Reporter: russell
Coders: russell

#14574: [patch] Audiohook volume does not honor the write adjustment when both is specified
Revision: 179293
Reporter: KNK
Coders: KNK

#14682: [patch] Race condition in ast_db_get()
Revision: 182452
Reporter: makoto
Coders: tilghman

#14738: Address device state performance issues in 1.6.1
Revision: 184342
Reporter: russell
Coders: russell

Category: Core/HTTP

#13583: Asterisk wont compile if gmime-devel lib is not installed
Revision: 145694
Reporter: arkadia
Coders: seanbright

#14190: POST files are not truncated
Revision: 168590
Reporter: timking
Coders: twilson

Category: Core/Internationalization

#14291: [patch] Floating point exception crash when saying number between 9999 and 100000 with zh or tw language
Revision: 169796
Reporter: dant
Testers: dant
Coders: dant

Category: Core/Jitterbuffer

#14044: [patch] Jitterbuffer stops accepting new frames until it is empty after maxjitterbuffer is exceeded.
Revision: 174590
Reporter: mnicholson
Testers: mnicholson
Coders: mnicholson

Category: Core/ManagerInterface

#12158: New AMI atxfer limited to digits only and ignores context and priority; looks like just wrapper on PlatDTMF
Revision: 148161
Reporter: davidw
Coders: mmichelson

#13334: [patch] Response events to CoreShowChannel are missing the Event header
Revision: 158415
Reporter: srt
Coders: srt

#13398: [patch] Channel name buffer is too small
Revision: 156691
Reporter: bamby
Coders: bamby

#13546: Partial writes on Manager API
Revision: 166284
Reporter: srt
Testers: russell
Coders: russell

#13873: [patch] new eventflag for agiexec-events on ami
Revision: 158894
Reporter: fnordian
Coders: fnordian

#13894: restart gracefully / when convenient doesn't work with the AMI
Revision: 164813
Reporter: kernelsensei
Coders: russell

#13903: Pong response not properly terminated.
Revision: 156913
Reporter: kebl0155
Coders: tilghman

#13994: [patch] Invalid response from ListCategories action if no categories is found
Revision: 160702
Reporter: mika
Coders: mika

#14027: [patch] error allocationg a manager user
Revision: 161792
Reporter: junky
Coders: junky

#14278: [patch] insufficient stringlength checking in action_userevent
Revision: 169368
Reporter: fnordian
Coders: tilghman

#14364: NULL file descriptors causing GUI to eventually stop functioning
Revision: 174769
Reporter: awk
Testers: mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#14400: [patch] ami fails on high load
Revision: 173459
Reporter: fnordian
Coders: fnordian

#14593: [patch] UserEvent Duplicate Previous Information
Revision: 180802
Reporter: JimDickenson
Coders: file

#14705: [patch] Deadlock when manipulating module_list over AMI and CLI
Revision: 187486
Reporter: jamessan
Testers: jamessan
Coders: tilghman

#14930: [patch] Detect pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock() before usage
Revision: 190095
Reporter: tilghman
Testers: mvanbaak, tilghman
Coders: tilghman

Category: Core/Netsock

#13678: tcptls.c: ast_make_file_from_fd() memory leak if DEBUG_THREADLOCALS defined.
Revision: 164739
Reporter: ys
Testers: Russell
Coders: russell

Category: Core/PBX

#12658: [patch] DTMF issues on Zap
Revision: 163515
Reporter: dimas
Testers: russell, file
Coders: russell

#13557: [patch] Asterisk won't compile against uclibc
Revision: 147811
Reporter: nickpeirson
Testers: nickpeirson, murf
Coders: nickpeirson

#13643: [patch] VM_CALLERID yields different results if CID is null or empty
Revision: 148006
Reporter: tomo1657
Coders: tilghman

#13839: call processing deadlock with dialplan reload and ast_hint_state_changed
Revision: 169871
Reporter: mcallist
Coders: file

#13891: "empty" overlap-dial-in doesn't work
Revision: 156650
Reporter: smurfix
Coders: jpeeler

#14035: revision r77858 breaks 'failed'-extension functionality
Revision: 163173
Reporter: erogoza
Coders: russell

#14076: Extensions configuration is not being sorted correctly
Revision: 164805
Reporter: toc
Testers: murf
Coders: murf

#14206: Can't pickup using *8 after updating asterisk to 1.4.23-rc3
Revision: 170395
Reporter: francesco_r
Testers: francesco_r, aragon, mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#14305: pbx.c's show_dialplan_helper prints an "\r\n" at the end of every call
Revision: 177789
Reporter: martins
Coders: tilghman

#14362: [patch] Putting a comma in an extension dialpattern causes eventual seg fault
Revision: 173313
Reporter: Nick_Lewis
Testers: tilghman
Coders: tilghman

#14384: Background leaves files open indefinately
Revision: 173356
Reporter: fiddur
Testers: fiddur, mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#14455: Segfault on call termination when attempting to retransmit a packet that should have not been retried due to network issues
Revision: 179221
Reporter: Nick_Lewis
Testers: Nick_Lewis
Coders: mmichelson

#14895: [patch] Asterisk crashes when extenpatternmatchnew=yes
Revision: 190354
Reporter: chris-mac
Testers: lmadsen
Coders: tilghman

Category: Core/Portability

#13404: [patch] Commands issued to asterisk using a remote console on OSX have no effect
Revision: 182946
Reporter: agalbraith
Testers: russell, vadim
Coders: russell

#13767: [patch] On Mac OS X PowerPC, Asterisk cannot create outbound channels
Revision: 169946
Reporter: jcovert
Testers: jcovert, tilghman
Coders: tilghman

#14714: Compilation Errors on Mac OS X 1.5.6 - Asterisk ( also confirmed on trunk )
Revision: 184149
Reporter: ygor
Coders: russell

#14790: chan_h323 build fails with gcc 3
Revision: 190063
Reporter: stuarth
Coders: jpeeler

Category: Core/RTP

#12983: [patch] Retransmitted RFC 2833 RTP events do not increment the RTP sequence number
Revision: 162658
Reporter: vt
Coders: vt

#13535: video_src_res and video_dest_res are write-only in ast_rtp_early_bridge
Revision: 162202
Reporter: davidw
Coders: file

#13810: [patch] Integer divide by zero
Revision: 154063
Reporter: pj
Coders: tilghman

#13835: "RTCP SR transmission error, rtcp halted" logged when SIP call put on hold
Revision: 161016
Reporter: matt_b
Testers: jpeeler
Coders: jpeeler

#14029: [patch] Asterisk is using wrong clock frequency in text T140
Revision: 188415
Reporter: epicac
Coders: file

#14234: [patch] Log and debug messages in ast_rtp_destroy can cause a crash
Revision: 170242
Reporter: jcovert
Coders: jcovert

#14460: Asterisk plays a continuous tone forever if it never receives a 2833 end packet
Revision: 175129
Reporter: moliveras
Coders: russell

#14460: Asterisk plays a continuous tone forever if it never receives a 2833 end packet
Revision: 178172
Reporter: moliveras
Coders: russell

#14546: [patch] Patch to improve NAT handling for Polycoms behind proxy
Revision: 184587
Reporter: acunningham
Coders: file

Category: Documentation

#13342: [patch] Missing doc for SipShowRegistry action and RegistryEntry event
Revision: 149060
Reporter: Laureano
Coders: lmadsen

#13654: extensions.conf refers to two "exten => formats", but the second one has been deleted from the text
Revision: 147898
Reporter: davidw
Coders: tilghman

#13709: [patch] fix content of agents.conf.sample
Revision: 149758
Reporter: decryptus_proformatique
Coders: bweschke

#13718: [patch] Neither CHANGES, nor UPGRADE.txt for 1.6.0 say quotes are no longer stripped
Revision: 167178
Reporter: davidw
Testers: blitzrage
Coders: tilghman

#14052: [patch] mISDN Dial parameter not documented
Revision: 162669
Reporter: festr
Coders: festr

#14065: [patch] Improve documentation for res_monitor
Revision: 163624
Reporter: kshumard
Coders: kshumard

#14319: [patch] describe idlecheck in res_odbc.conf.sample more clear
Revision: 170722
Reporter: klaus3000
Coders: klaus3000

#14319: [patch] describe idlecheck in res_odbc.conf.sample more clear
Revision: 170839
Reporter: klaus3000
Coders: tilghman

#14490: Timing interfaces provided in 1.6.1 and beyond are not documented.
Revision: 179939
Reporter: mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#14540: #exec command needs minor documentation in extensions.conf
Revision: 178448
Reporter: jtodd
Coders: tilghman

#14566: [patch] fix channelvariables documentation
Revision: 179059
Reporter: klaus3000
Coders: klaus3000

Category: Features/Parking

#14066: Calls parked fail to return to the correct phone after timeout
Revision: 169488
Reporter: bluefox
Testers: twilson, bluefox
Coders: twilson

Category: Formats/General

#14842: [patch] Typo on format wav and wav_gsm ... must read frequency instead of freqency
Revision: 186844
Reporter: jvandal
Coders: jvandal

Category: Functions/func_curl

#14485: CURL() function crashes in /trunk
Revision: 176644
Reporter: davevg
Testers: kowalma
Coders: tilghman

Category: Functions/func_devstate

#14461: [patch] func_devstate not updating Custom hints, and not in sync with ASTDB
Revision: 176559
Reporter: alecdavis
Coders: russell

Category: Functions/func_enum

#14576: ENUMLOOKUP - broken regex.
Revision: 180537
Reporter: chris-mac
Coders: dvossel

Category: Functions/func_env

#14670: FILE function reads 1 character less than specified in length
Revision: 182280
Reporter: BMC
Testers: caspy
Coders: tilghman

Category: Functions/func_groupcount

#14275: [patch] Group does not count all channels
Revision: 176644
Reporter: kowalma
Testers: kowalma
Coders: tilghman

Category: Functions/func_odbc

#13631: [patch] Fields have a maximum length of 255 chars
Revision: 149688
Reporter: seanbright
Testers: blitzrage
Coders: tilghman

#13830: writesql does not work
Revision: 154024
Reporter: Marquis
Coders: tilghman

Category: Functions/func_realtime

#14479: "iax2 prune realtime" doesn't prune user, only peer
Revision: 178769
Reporter: mousepad99
Coders: dvossel

Category: Functions/func_strings

#13787: KEYPADHASH returns incorrect values
Revision: 152068
Reporter: meitinger
Coders: seanbright

#13940: [patch] The function ARRAY slows asterisk down
Revision: 163256
Reporter: tbelder
Coders: russell

#14363: [patch] FILTER function is not working correctly (patch attached)
Revision: 172708
Reporter: andrew53
Coders: andrew53

Category: General

#13207: National prefix inserted even when caller ID not available
Revision: 188649
Reporter: shawkris
Coders: dvossel

#13420: GUI - File Editor not working properly
Revision: 157304
Reporter: alex70
Testers: murf, awk
Coders: murf

#13539: Extensions file error after incoming call rules (in GUI 2.0) and logout
Revision: 156654
Reporter: infiniti_guy
Coders: bkruse

#13753: [patch] Set a sane umask inside safe_asterisk
Revision: 164799
Reporter: irroot
Coders: tilghman

#13863: [patch] 1.6.1 beta2 does not build on PPC
Revision: 159053
Reporter: jcollie
Coders: tilghman

#13864: [patch] Fix a memory leak while trying to free a memory that wasn't allocated by ast_alloc_region()
Revision: 155764
Reporter: eliel
Coders: eliel

#14132: [patch] autosupport script not 100% ready for DAHDI
Revision: 168618
Reporter: dsedivec
Coders: dsedivec

#14226: crash in comparation with 'nothing'
Revision: 168549
Reporter: caspy
Coders: tilghman

#14264: compilation warning for main/editline/history
Revision: 179407
Reporter: dimas
Coders: qwell

#14320: [patch] i18n.testsuite.conf in contribs directory uses old dialplan format an has no Chinese test
Revision: 170693
Reporter: dant
Coders: dant

#14564: Asterisk segfaults when parking call
Revision: 179843
Reporter: meric
Coders: file

Category: PBX/General

#14012: Channel "hangs"
Revision: 161789
Reporter: dveiga
Coders: bkruse

#14357: [patch] lockout after AEL reload
Revision: 176946
Reporter: pj
Testers: pj, murf
Coders: murf

#14388: "dialplan show globals" does not show the correct TRUNKMSD setting
Revision: 173115
Reporter: macli
Coders: tilghman

#14498: String operator ':' error with UTF8 code
Revision: 177623
Reporter: ibercom
Testers: murf
Coders: murf

Category: PBX/pbx_ael

#13901: switch statement: Empty patterns don't fallback to Default label
Revision: 158191
Reporter: smurfix
Testers: seanbright
Coders: seanbright

#14019: Starting or restarting asterisk causes seg fault and core dump, apparently in ael/pval.c:4833
Revision: 162082
Reporter: ckjohnsonme
Testers: ckjohnsonme, murf
Coders: murf

#14141: Pattern matching for extensions with ranges is broken
Revision: 168748
Reporter: dimas
Coders: murf

#14941: Using '@' to specify a context in AEL will cause parse errors
Revision: 189531
Reporter: bpgoldsb
Testers: bpgoldsb
Coders: seanbright

Category: PBX/pbx_dundi

#13776: Dundi and DNS
Revision: 164276
Reporter: kombjuder
Coders: russell

#13819: [patch] clearing expired entries from /dundi/cache
Revision: 163319
Reporter: adomjan
Testers: adomjan
Coders: adomjan, mnicholson

#14804: Crash with DUNDi
Revision: 186323
Reporter: jvandal
Coders: file

Category: Resources/General

#13721: [patch] res_ais won't build on 64bit
Revision: 150211
Reporter: jcollie
Coders: jcollie

#13738: [patch] Event processing sometimes hangs when using res_timing_pthread
Revision: 163252
Reporter: smurfix
Coders: smurfix

#14203: [patch] res_phoneprov leaks memory if phoneprov.conf does not exist
Revision: 168157
Reporter: jamesgolovich
Coders: jamesgolovich

#14697: race condition in res/timing_* interfaces
Revision: 184765
Reporter: moy
Coders: kpfleming

Category: Resources/res_agi

#13340: [patch] handle_getvariable doesn't initialize workspace
Revision: 146838
Reporter: kryptolus
Coders: tilghman

#13711: AGI-program receives SIGHUP on hangup although AGISIGHUP is set to "no"
Revision: 166472
Reporter: fmueller
Coders: mmichelson

#13881: [patch] AGI command "answer" not really set in answer mode when forkcdr
Revision: 168519
Reporter: hoowa
Coders: jpeeler

#13885: [patch] Problem with timeout in AGI RECORD FILE
Revision: 163091
Reporter: bamby
Coders: bamby

#14069: too small reponse for dbget through agi
Revision: 167905
Reporter: evandro
Coders: tilghman

#14541: [patch] crash during AGI call (regression, it works under
Revision: 178803
Reporter: grant
Coders: file

Category: Resources/res_config_ldap

#12860: [patch] Included example schema not compatible with res_config_ldap.c
Revision: 148128
Reporter: flyn
Coders: flyn

#13861: ERROR[23999]: res_config_ldap.c:1292 update_ldap: Couldn't modify ... Undefined attribute type
Revision: 172895
Reporter: scramatte
Testers: jcovert
Coders: blitzrage

Category: Resources/res_features

#13139: Parking with hints enabled crashes Asterisk
Revision: 147957
Reporter: krisk84
Testers: krisk84
Coders: jpeeler

#13478: [patch] Only one custom feature can be executed simultaneously
Revision: 163100
Reporter: neutrino88
Coders: russell

#13494: One-touch parking failure results in the call drop, while parties should be able to continue conversation
Revision: 173505
Reporter: mdu113
Coders: jpeeler

#13584: blindxfer doesn't work!
Revision: 148115
Reporter: dwagner
Testers: murf, mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

#13871: Crash in ast_bridge_call() when 'NoCDR' app called inside Local channel
Revision: 158572
Reporter: mdu113
Coders: murf

#14228: 1.4.22 crash with Park
Revision: 168981
Reporter: kobaz
Testers: twilson
Coders: twilson

#14241: [patch] h exten getting run at the wrong time
Revision: 172067
Reporter: jmls
Testers: murf, jmls
Coders: murf

#14515: [patch]Timeout settings in features.conf don't work as intended
Revision: 178869
Reporter: sodom
Testers: murf, sodom
Coders: murf

#14657: [patch] Callee cannot use dynamic features
Revision: 182068
Reporter: mmichelson
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Resources/res_musiconhold

#13229: When calling a queue, after a few loops over a madplay'ed file, the MOH ceases to be played
Revision: 162896
Reporter: clegall_proformatique
Coders: jpeeler

#13566: ast_moh_free_class in res_musiconhold.c:195
Revision: 166277
Reporter: igorcarneiro
Testers: russell
Coders: russell

#13761: [patch] Prevent a crash when unloading and then stopping asterisk.
Revision: 157596
Reporter: eliel
Coders: eliel

#14089: class with only application is unuseable
Revision: 164614
Reporter: caspy
Coders: russell

#14099: kill() does not kill all processes
Revision: 165664
Reporter: caspy
Coders: caspy

#14407: hold music restarts with each command
Revision: 174221
Reporter: mostyn
Coders: file

#14416: [patch] streamed moh breaks if nobody listen it
Revision: 181658
Reporter: caspy
Coders: file

#14416: [patch] streamed moh breaks if nobody listen it
Revision: 181663
Reporter: caspy
Coders: file

#14661: MOH Realtime crash
Revision: 187427
Reporter: sum
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Resources/res_realtime

#14339: [patch] contrib/scripts/realtime_pgsql.sql misses uniqueid in queue_member_table
Revision: 172272
Reporter: fiddur
Coders: fiddur

Category: Utilities/General

#14289: utils/refcounter segfaults due to reference of count1_obj when its NULL
Revision: 169674
Reporter: jamesgolovich
Coders: murf

#14538: [patch] astcanary does not exit when asterisk dies
Revision: 178305
Reporter: KNK
Coders: KNK

Category: Utilities/NewFeature

#11680: [patch] live_ast: script to run asterisk without installing
Revision: 151603
Reporter: tzafrir
Coders: tzafrir

Category: Utilities/muted

#14360: muted doesn't compile on OS/X in dev-mode
Revision: 172402
Reporter: oej
Coders: tilghman

Commits Not Associated with an Issue

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This is a list of all changes that went into this release that did not directly close an issue from the issue tracker. The commits may have been marked as being related to an issue. If that is the case, the issue numbers are listed here, as well.

RevisionAuthorSummaryIssues Referenced
145557mmichelsonThe logic surrounding the return value of ast_spawn_extension #13584
145584mmichelsonif (!(x) == 0) is the same as
145609mmichelsonOkay, this should really do it now. While I did manage
145754tilghmanSome sanity checks that may have led to prior crashes, found by codefreeze-lap
145781seanbrightThis is much cleaner, methinks.
145960russellTCP support for ExternalIVR went in to 1.6.1, not 1.6.0
145964russellThe 'P' command for ExternalIVR was also added in 1.6.0
146243jpeelerremove superfluous reference counting operations in manage_parkinglot since ao2_interator_next increments the ref count automatically
146451qwellFix silly formatting.
146557seanbrightQuote arguments to cp so we can handle spaces in our paths.
146874mvanbaakmake aescrypt.c compile on OpenBSD again
146876jpeelerExplicitly set args in park_call_exec NULL so in the case of no options being passed in, there
146878jpeelerfix some comment placement
146886jpeelerThis commit squashes together three commits because the wrong approach was originally used. (One of the commits was only one line.)
146921jpeelerMvanbaak said this was needed to compile on OpenBSD, so put it in the OpenBSD section.
146924jpeelerSimilar to r143204, masquerade the channel in the case of Park being called from AGI.
146930tilghmanUpdate documentation; AST_THREADSTORAGE() in trunk only takes a single
146972twilsonA blind transfer to the parking thread would cause a segfault because copy_request accesses dst->data w/o being able to tell whether it is proerly initialized
147052seanbrightMake sure to compare the correct number of characters when special-casing
147100rmudgettIndependent change from branch issue8824 that is not part of COLP. (-r142574 rmudgett)
147147jpeelerExplicitly setting these fields to NULL was done because I wasn't sure if they would be NULL otherwise. Since they will be set automatically, removing.
147196seanbrightMake 'imapsecret' an alias to 'imappassword' in voicemail.conf.
147519mmichelsonIf we receive DTMF make sure that the state of the speech structure goes back to being not ready. (issue #LUMENVOX-8)
147692kpflemingwhen parsing a text configuration option, ensure that the buffer on the stack is actually large enough to hold the legal values of that option, and also ensure that sscanf() knows to stop parsing if it would overrun the buffer (without these changes, specifying "buffers=...,immediate" would overflow the buffer on the stack, and could not have worked as expected)
148011tilghmanPublish MOH files in sln16 format
148472oejSending a 403 after a 200 is considered very bad.
148562murfHmmm. Nobody (but me) is interested in seeing
148614kpflemingit would be nice if this message printing code had actually been tested before it was committed...
148700kpflemingensure that *all* fields in the req structure are cleared out before reusing it; has_to_tag was not cleared, which caused the second incoming call over a TCP socket to fail if pedantic checking was enabled
148740kpflemingon Ubuntu (at least), recent versions of ld in binutils delete all debugging symbols when -x is supplied; since the reasons why -x is being passed are lost in the mists of time, remove it so debugging will work properly
148763kpflemingfix some references to the owner of a private structure that may not be present
148918tilghmanEnsure that mail headers are 7-bit clean, even when UTF-8 characters are used
149206mmichelsonAdd a tolerance period for sync-triggered audiohooks #13005
149274mmichelsonChange this warning to an error message. Suggestion
149512kpflemingfix some problems when parsing SIP messages that have the maximum number of headers or body lines that we support
149641tilghmanOnly set buf to blank before the goto.
149919kpflemingcorrect file name in message
149921kpfleminginter-module dependencies should be included in the source code, not just in sample config files
149922kpflemingbuilding this module depends on res_agi being built as well
149995kpflemingreturn this logic to where it used to be, *after* the dialog->needdestroy flag has been determined to be set; otherwise, we generate these debug messages every time we inspect every active dialog
150127rmudgettFix memory leak found by customer
150306mmichelsonReverting changes from commits 150298 and 150301 since
150606tilghmanFix the FRACK! warnings in chan_iax2 when POKE/LAGRQ packets are not answered.
150636tilghmanMake helper call a little safer (suggested by Russell on IRC)
151135kpflemingcleaup of the TCP/TLS socket API:
151245kpflemingbreak up acinclude.m4 into individual files, which will make it easier to maintain, easier to add new macros (less patching) and will ease maintenance of these macros across Asterisk branches
151372tilghmanDefault file modes should always be full read and write, to allow the system
151441mmichelsonGet this compiling in dev-mode
152173tilghmanOops, only delete the ARG variables once upon release. The following section
152288jpeelerBuffer policy setting for half is not needed.
152471tilghmanQuoting in the wrong direction
152537murfThe magic trick to avoid this crash is not to
152606murfA little documentation cross-ref between features and
152690tilghmanTrack down and fix annoying lock errors
152777tilghmanSet up an example stdexten that preserves the original context and extension in #13799
152814kpfleminginstead of comparing the string pointer to 0, let's compare the value that was actually parsed out of the string (found by sparse)
152878russellModify the documentation of the sip_registry struct
152900russellFix a bug in AST_SCHED_REPLACE_UNREF(). The reference count of the object
152919russellFix the sip_peer reference count with respect to scheduler entries for
152921russellFix the sip_peer reference count with respect to scheduler entries for
152995seanbrightThe -I argument to aclocal needs a space before the include directory name.
153225mmichelsonThis commit contains the bug fixes and documentation updates
153363russellEnsure that the sip_pvt properly has its refcount incremented when the scheduler holds
153653russellfeatures.h depends on linkedlists.h, so include it
153710kpflemingimport gcc 4.3.2 warning fixes from trunk, with a few changes specific to this branch
153711kpflemingMerged revision 153709 from trunk
154267tilghmanMake the monitor thread non-detached, so it can be joined (suggested by Russell
154269rmudgettJIRA ABE-1703
154690murfThis fix was prompted by communication from user, who was seeing thousands of error logs... looks like EAGAIN. Made such uninteresting.
154920seanbrightFix a problem found while building res_snmp.
155014mmichelsonThe documentation listed the ability to set 'maxmsg' per
155117kpflemingensure that an adequately new version of libpri is in place so that chan_dahdi will compile with PRI support
155122kpflemingdon't blindly assume that Darwin and Cygwin need GLOB_ABORTED defined; only define it if it is not already defined
155242russellFix some code in chan_sip that was intended to unlink multiple objects from a
155245russellClarify which part of OBJ_MULTIPLE is not implemented, and under what case it
155272russellRemove a bogus ast_free() that Kevin noticed. This was probably just left over
155362mmichelsonRemove one more instance of the sample configuration
155396tilghmanTwo bugs relating to colnames found by Marquis42 on #asterisk-dev
155515russellRemove some code that is basically a no-op. Code above this already ensures that
155517russell- Check for failure when putting the packet in the ast_str
155556seanbrightUse static functions here instead of nested ones. This requires a small
155672seanbrightFix this as well. Pointed out by tzafrir.
155826tilghmanI got tired of saying this in every single bugnote referring to this file.
155864mmichelsonChannel drivers assume that when their indicate callback
156005tilghmanMake documentation of update method match documentation and update update2
156128mmichelsonAdd a couple of AC_SUBST calls to the AST_C_COMPILE_CHECK
156168russellMove the sanity check that makes sure "always fork" is not set along with the
156171mmichelsonWhen doing some tests, I was having a crash at the end of every call
156284tilghmanFix build (res possibly unused in this function, says gcc)
156291jpeelerFor whatever reason, gcc only warned me about the possible use of an uninitialized variable when compiling 1.6.1.
156354murfIt turns out that the 0x0XX00 codes being returned for
156614mmichelsonKevin sent a note indicating that this change is
156757tilghmanast_waitfordigit() requires that the channel be up, for no good logical
156819mmichelsonIf the prompt to reenter a voicemail password timed out, it
156894mmichelsonThis is the 1.6.1 version of trunk commit 156883.
156963mmichelsonRevision 155513 of chan_sip.c in trunk inadvertently
157040russellUse the new case insensitive hash function for console interfaces. The comparison
157042russellFix a few more places where the case insensitive hash should be used since
157108kpflemingmajor update to doxygen configuration file:
157166kpflemingdist-clean should remove dependency information files as well
157308mmichelsonFix a crash in the end_bridge_callback of app_dial and
157498mmichelsonBased on Russell's advice on the asterisk-dev list, I have
157641tilghmanStarting with a change to ensure that ast_verbose() preserves ABI compatibility
157719kpflemingmake some corrections to the ast_agi_register_multiple(), ast_agi_unregister_multiple() and ast_agi_fdprintf() API calls to be consistent with API guidelines
157744kpflemingcorrect small bug introduced during API conversion
157975kpflemingthe gcc optimizer frequently finds broken code (use of uninitalized variables, unreachable code, etc.), which is good. however, developers usually compile with the optimizer turned off, because if they need to debug the resulting code, optimized code makes that process very difficult. this means that we get code changes committed that weren't adequately checked over for these sorts of problems.
158134mmichelsonBegin on a crusade to end trailing whitespace!
158135twilsonBegin on a crusade to end trailing whitespace!
158223mmichelsonChange this so it actually compiles. Thanks, Terry!
158264mmichelsonFix the build for 32-bit systems. %lu is only 32-bits
158268mmichelsonUse some magic constants to get the right size
158450kpflemingas suggested by jtodd, document the purposes of the CHANGES and UPGRADE files
158541russellWhen compiling with DEBUG_THREADS, report the real file/func/line for ao2_lock/ao2_unlock
158604tilghmanThe passed extension may not be the same in the list as the current entry,
158607murfIn reference to the fix made for 13871, I was
158689mvanbaakfix a very occasional core dump in chan_skinny found by wedhorn. #13948
158861tilghmanAdd a bit of documentation (thanks, I-MOD) on what the silence threshold
158926mnicholsonFix compiling in dev mode.
158993twilsonMake chan_usbradio compile under dev mode
159095twilsonAdd missing variable declaration for PPC code
159403jpeelerAlways parse arguments in park_call_exec so that app_args is valid. This prevents a crash when executing Park from the dialplan with no arguments.
159535kpflemingsimplify (and slightly bug-fix) the recent developer-oriented COMPILE_DOUBLE mode
159851kpflemingincorporates r159808 from branches/1.4:
159854tilghmanAllow the '#' sign to exist within an extension (inspired by issue #13330) #13330
159920russellForce a "make clean" to avoid a bizarre build issue ...
159975mvanbaakmake manager compile on OpenBSD.
160006russellApply some logic used in iax2_indicate() to iax2_setoption(), as well, since they
160101tilghmanUse AST_EXT_LIB_SETUP before using AST_EXT_LIB_CHECK or bad things happen.
160175seanbrightPay attention to the return value of system(), even if we basically ignore it.
160234tilghmanEnsure that Asterisk builds with --enable-dev-mode, even on the latest gcc
160339jpeelerremove duplicate comment that I accidentally merged
160483tilghmanJon Bonilla (Manwe) pointed out on the -dev list:
160554tilghmanDon't start scanning the directory until all modules are loaded, because some
160557mmichelsonWhen investigating issue #13548, I found that gosub #13548
160561tilghmanIf an entry is added to the directory during a scan when another entry expires,
160811tilghmanSome compilers warn on null format strings; some don't (caught by buildbot)
160858rmudgett* Found a couple more places where num/number needed to be done
160859rmudgettJcolp pointed out that num will also match number
160947mmichelsonFix a callerid parsing issue. If someone formatted callerid like the
161149seanbrightCheck the return value of fread/fwrite so the compiler doesn't complain. Only a
161285russellResolve a compiler warning from buildbot about a NULL format string.
161290russellFix a NULL format string warning found by buildbot.
161352seanbrightWhen using IMAP_STORAGE, it's important to convert bare newlines (\n) in
161496mmichelsonIf the autoloop flag is set on a channel, then we need to
161835fileUpdate autosupport script with a few changes.
161963russellFix a problem with GROUP() settings on a masquerade.
162142murfPrevious fix used ast_malloc and ast_copy_string and messed up the standalone stuff. Fixed.
162269mmichelsonIf we fail to start a thread for the pbx to run in, we need to
162277murfIn discussion with seanbright on #asterisk-dev, I have added a default rule, and an option to suppress the default rule from being generated in the flex output, for the sake of those OS's where they didn't tweak flex's ECHO macro, and the compiler doesn't like it. The regressions are OK with this.
162372tilghmanWe appear to have documented tz= in the [general] section of voicemail.conf,
162416russellRemove the test_for_thread_safety() function completely.
162472tilghmanOops, should be "tz", not "zonetag".
162490mmichelsonit does help if the compiler attribute syntax is correct
162585mvanbaakMake compile on OpenBSD.
162929jpeelerOops, inverted logic for a strcasecmp check. Pointed out by mmichelson, thanks!
163087mmichelsonRevert this cast to long. Using time_t here causes build failures on a
163514russellSpecify uint32_t for variables storing a CRC32 so that it is actually 32 bits #13879
163669russellFix a small race condition in sip_tcp_locate().
163672russellRename a number of tcptls_session variables. There are no functional changes here.
163715murfdemote always-appearing debug message (for certain boards) to ast_debug lev 3 msg instead
163764tilghmanSimple fix for Ctrl-C not immediately exiting Asterisk, but also add a
163830russell(No Summary Available)
163914fileOnly detach and destroy the whisper audiohooks if they are actually in use.
164274mmichelsonFix a compile warning and a logic error that could have been bad
164421mmichelsonAdd notes to autoservice and pbx doxygen regarding a potential
164425mmichelsonAdd the deadlock note to ast_spawn_extension as well
164524russellFix log message to refer to the generic timing interface, not DAHDI specifically #14082
164658murfI added a sentence to clarify why - and ' ' are ignored in patterns
164879russellDo not dereference the channel if AST_PBX_KEEPALIVE has been returned.
164980mmichelsonAfter looking through SIP registration code most of the day, this
165146mmichelsonUse the create_vm_state_from_user function in a place where
165242twilsonPolycom phones close the connection after reading a little bit of the firmware files, we should stop sending in that case. Also, make that case print out a debug statement instead of a scary WARNING.
165279murfThis patch is here committed to satisfy the
165324mmichelsonFix some memory leaks found while looking at how realtime
165329tilghmanOops, broke trunk
165332mmichelsonFix a refcount leak in res_odbc
165543tilghmanFix reference counts of the class and add an assertion to the end.
165660tilghmanFix 2 resource leaks and fix another pipe-to-comma conversion
165725mmichelsonFix crashes in res_odbc.
165728russellRemove the need for AST_PBX_KEEPALIVE with the GoSub option from Dial.
165804russellMake ast_carefulwrite() be more careful. #13546
166161mmichelsonSwitch documentation formats for func_audiohookinherit.c
166164mmichelsonGet rid of an extra space.
166260russellRemove AST_PBX_KEEPALIVE usage from res_agi.
166326russellFix up timeout handling in ast_carefulwrite().
166343russellRemove some error messages. This is the default handler that is valid to use.
166379russellFix a bad typo.
166438russellCosmetic change - don't mix struct initializer styles.
166730murfto fetch a parked call, after the first case.
166775russellUse strncat() instead of an sprintf() in which source and target buffers overlap
166858filePer kpfleming add a note describing why you must never change the first element of peer_finding_info.
166863mmichelsonUpdate app_queue to deal with the removal of AST_PBX_KEEPALIVE
166910twilsonFix some svn:keywords
166957tilghmanAlso inherit the musiconhold class.
167268tilghmanSecurity fix AST-2009-001.
167376lmadsenUpdate the sip-friends.sql file to use the non-deprecated 'defaultname' instead of 'username' and remove an extra comma that would cause the script to fail as-is
167456russellTreat an empty string the same way as a NULL country argument.
167544russellDon't use free() directly. This caused a crash since ast_filestream is now an ao2 object.
167550russellOnly try to close the file if one was actually opened
167558russellDon't fclose() the file early, the filestream destructor will handle it.
167573russellFix the last couple of places where free() was improperly used directly.
167663lmadsenOops... fix the fieldname I changed yesterday to be right.
167701kpflemingWhen a SIP request or response arrives for a dialog with an associated Asterisk channel, and the lock on that channel cannot be obtained because it is held by another thread, instead of dropping the request/response, queue it for later processing when the channel lock becomes available.
167727kpflemingremove an unnecessary argument to queue_request()
167972twilsonSet peer context and exten values so MACRO_EXTEN and MACRO_CONTEXT will be set
168092tilghmanWhen using ast_str with a non-ast_str-enabled API, we need to update the buffer
168209russellMake this compile for mvanbaak
168266rmudgett* Fix for JIRA AST-175/ABE-1757
168272kpflemingupdate to use new sound file packages that include license files
168336tilghmansizeof for a stringfield is 4. Kinda low for reconstructing a field value.
168484russells/ringdance/ringcadence/ for Bulgaria
168488mmichelson(No Summary Available)
168500oejBetter to use the proper app name
168528tilghmanRepeat attempts to write when we receive -EAGAIN from the driver, as detailed
168565russellRevert unnecessary indications API change from rev 122314
168621murfapp_page was failing to compile in dev-mode on my gcc-4.2.4 system. This change gets rid of the warning.
168625rmudgett* Fixed create_process() allocation of process ID values.
168714oejMake sure that we have the same terminology in sip.conf.sample and the source code warning.
168715oejClarify some misunderstandings and make it even more clear that you can refer to a peer
168726mmichelsonRemove an unneeded condition for line addition to a SIP request/response #14220
168727oejMeetme actually has realtime but wasn't documented
168729mmichelsonFix the compactheaders option in sip.conf
168836tilghmanFix the conjugation of Russian and Ukrainian languages. #12475
169154dbaileyAdd discriminator for when ring pulse alert signal is used to preface MWI spills
169554twilsonMake a proper builtin attended transfer to parking work
169626russellRemove properties that erroneously got merged into trunk
169792mmichelsonFurther fix some oddities in sip show users and sip show peers logic
169830mvanbaakremove duplicated sentence.
170458dbaileyMWI messages included in CID spill was not being properly handled and prevented the call from being processed #14313
170502mvanbaaklet's use SENTINEL where needed
170637tilghmanAdditions to AST-2009-001
170792russellDon't blow up if a branch name has an underscore in it
170831rmudgettFix asterisk.pdf generation if branch name has an underscore in it.
170945russellChange ARRAY_LEN() to be more C++ safe.
171857oejAdd a better explanation of the difference between the device namespace and the dialplan for newbies.
171966tilghmanClarify log message (suggested by manxpower on #asterisk-dev)
172218oejAdd some more notes about device matching.
172317tilghmanBetter document mode=multirow, based upon a conversation with Jared.
172509oejRemove an extra "the" and restructure a bit
172609mmichelsonFix redefinition of flag in channel.h
172638twilsonRemove incorret line from sample config
173069twilsonFix a feature inheritance bug I added after code review
173395mmichelsonAdd a missing unlock. Extremely unlikely to ever matter, but it's needed.
173399mmichelsonRevert my previous change because it was stupid
173595mmichelsonAdd some missing cleanup to app_mixmonitor
173658tilghmanChange the first field, or we don't get the necessary field separation.
173778tilghmanOops, merge from trunk broke 1.6.1
173779mmichelsonUpdate extensions.conf.sample to be correct.
173850russellResolve a memory leak that would occur on an invalid channel given to Action: Status
173965mnicholsonrevert revision 173964
174154russellFix a race condition that could cause a crash.
174329mmichelsonFix something I messed up in the merge I just did
174428murfThis patch solves some compiler complaints
174434murfMore intptr_t work.
174438murfOne final fix in the 1.6.1 release only; some variables the compiler
174440murfThis patch corrects warnings which seem to appear
174471tilghmanRemove the usage of the KeepAlive app, as it no longer exists.
174504tilghmanFix0ring build
174714fileOnly decrease inringing count if above zero. #13238
174823mmichelsonFix potential for stack overflows in app_chanspy.c
174952mmichelsonFix a bit of odd logic for announcing position. Sync with 1.6.0's logic
175123mmichelsonMake lock information for ao2_trylock be more useful and gnarly
175130dvosselSetting key rotation to be off by default
175190jpeelerFix crash in event of failed attempt to transfer to parking
175251kpflemingcorrect warning message to not refer specifically to DAHDI
175257russellDon't enable something by default that has a dependency on something _not_ enabled by default.
175297russellAvoid using ast_strdupa() in a loop.
175300jpeelerFix ParkedCall event information for From field in the case of a blind transfer
175370russellRemove useless string copy, and make sscanf safe again
175662dvosselFixed iax2 key rotation backwards compatibility
175831russellFix a number of problems with ast_sched_report().
175890russellMake ast_sched_report() and ast_sched_dump() thread safe.
176023mvanbaakfix mis-spelling of the word registered.
176032fileDon't have the Via header stored as a stringfield as it can change often during the lifetime of a dialog.
176099tilghmanEliminate mention of a variable which exists only in trunk.
176102russellRemove chan_features.
176176mmichelsonAssist proper thread synchronization when stopping the logger thread.
176251dvosselFixed iax2 key rotation backwards compatibility
176259kpflemingfix a flaw in the ast_string_field_build() family of API calls; these functions made no attempt to reuse the space already allocated to a field, so every time the field was written it would allocate new space, leading to what appeared to be a memory leak.
176321tilghmanUse the correct list macros for deleting an item from the middle of a list. #13777
176362dvosselFixes issue with AST_CONTROL_SRCUPDATE not being relayed correctly during bridging #13749
176503tilghmanIn this version, we can combine the queries, because we support dropping
176634russellAdd an implementation of the heap data structure.
176637russellAdd a test module for the heap implementation.
176699mmichelsonClear up documentation of AST_FRIENDLY_OFFSET in frame.h
176731dhubbardcreate a UDPTL structure in create_addr_from_peer() if it does not already exist for T38
176809sruffellSeveral changes to codec_dahdi to play nice with G723.
176903russellFix a number of incorrect uses of strncpy().
176906russellAdd example code for a heap traversal.
176962dbaileyNeed to take into account the \0 terminator of the old string to determine the amount available.
177037dbaileyFixed error where a check for an zero length, terminated string was needed.
177100tilghmanDocument the return value of the update method (as requested on -dev list)
177158russellRe-add 'o' option to MeetMe, reverting rev 62297. #13801
177228dvosselLocking issue in action_bridge and bridge_exec
177230kpflemingfix two very minor bugs: if anyone ever uses SLINEAR16 as a format in RTP, ensure that the samples are byte-swapped to network order if needed. also, when a smoother is operating on a format that has a sample rate other than 8000 samples per second, use the proper sample rate for computing delivery timestamps.
177294murfThis patch fixes a regression of sorts that was introduced in
177358jpeelerFix mismerge from revision 176708 pointed out by Kaloyan Kovachev on the
177386fileIf we are able to create a speech structure unset the ERROR variable in case it was previously set.
177389jpeelerFix another merge error from 176708
177626jpeelerSet sip_request ast_str data to NULL so ast_str_copy allocates space properly #14478
177663tilghmanOops, merge broke trunk
177760tilghmanThis exception does not appear to still be true for Solaris 10, and OpenSolaris definitely needs it to be removed.
177764tilghmanOops, last merge broke 1.6.1 branch
177785dhubbardMake app_fax compatible with spandsp-0.0.6pre4
177851mvanbaakmake chan_sip.c compile on OpenBSD again.
177945tilghmanOn update, test against the existence of sipregs.
178344tilghmanUse a SIGPIPE to kill the process, instead of depending upon the astcanary process being inherited by init.
178377tilghmanThe 3 possible errors with pipe(2) are all impossible in this situation.
178379russellOnly set dtmfcount on BEGIN, and ensure it gets reset to 0 properly. #14460
178380russellrevert accidental Makefile change.
178383tilghmanApparently, a void cast doesn't override warn_unused_result.
178511russellUpdate the copyright year for the main page of the doxygen documentation.
178875dvosselIAX2 prune realtime, minor tweak to last fix #14479
179160russellAdd a note about the ordering of entries in sip.conf in 1.6.1.
179166russellMark res_ais as experimental, as the binary event format is subject to change.
179256mmichelsonSwap reversed timevals.
179362tilghmanBackport 1.6.0 fix to trunk (failsafe if db is not loaded)
179464russellEnsure that only one thread is calling ast_settimeout() on a channel at a time.
179535russellMove ast_waitfor() down to avoid the results of the API call becoming stale.
179611russellMake it easier to detect an improper call to ast_read().
179674fileMove where fdno is set to the default value to *after* the read callback of the channel driver is called.
179744russellEnsure chan->fdno always gets reset to -1 after handling a channel fd event.
179905russellfix a leaked channel lock (and future deadlock) when we try to pick up our own channel
180077murfsuite. I had to play around with the makefile a bit, etc.
180197fileLook for the number in a callerid string starting from the end. This way a value using <> can exist in the name portion.
180378kpflemingFix problems when RTP packet frame size is changed
180585mmichelsonMake compilation succeed in dev-mode when IMAP storage is enabled.
180740jpeelerAdd Doxygen documentation for API changes from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1
180947qwellMake things happier when using autoconf 2.62+
181283jpeeleradd missing header file
181430russellMake handling of the BRIDGEPVTCALLID variable thread-safe.
181457qwellAllow prefix to set localstatedir (when used and different from the default).
181474russellMake handling of the BRIDGE_PLAY_SOUND variable thread-safe.
181544rmudgettUse the correct branch integrated property when generating the version string
181667fileFix incorrect usage of strncasecmp... I really meant to use strcasecmp.
181849mmichelsonRun the macro on the queue member's channel when he answers, not the caller's channel.
181987kpflemingimprove a bit of suboptimal code
182042fileFix an issue with requesting a T38 reinvite before the call is answered.
182173fileFix a memory leak in the ast_answer / __ast_answer API call.
182284dvosselRandomize IAX2 encryption padding
182527kpflemingImprove behavior of ast_answer() to not lose incoming frames
182533kpflemingcorrect logic flaw in ast_answer() changes in r182525
182570russellTweak the handling of the frame list inside of ast_answer().
183030jpeelerAdd some code removed by mistake from commit 182722 that works around a file
183067fileFix an issue where a T38 control frame would get dropped.
183110fileImprove our triggering of a T38 switchover internally when triggered by a received reinvite.
183121mmichelsonFix an issue where cancelled outgoing SIP calls would erroneously report the device as "in use."
183249russellRemove the use of RTLD_NOLOAD, as it is not behaving like expected.
183438dvosselCleaning up a few things in detect disconnect patch #11583
183563russellFix a crash in IAX2 registration handling found during load testing with dvossel.
183768mmichelsonFix a memory leak in res_monitor.c
183867tilghmanAllow browsers to cache images and other static content.
183916tilghmanAdditionally note that the operator option needs an 'o' extension. #14731
184039russellExclude slin16, siren7, and siren14 from bandwidth=low and =medium
184081mmichelsonChange NULL pointer check to be ast_strlen_zero.
184282fileFix issue with a T38 reinvite being sent even if not configured to do so.
184325russelladd reviewboard:url property.
184345russellRemove unneeded AST_LIST_ENTRY() and comment on the purpose of ast_event_ref.
184451kpfleminguse new, improved 8kHz prompts
184513russellPass more useful information through to lock tracking when DEBUG_THREADS is on.
184517russellDon't act surprised if we get a -1 indication.
184547russellFix some issues with rwlock corruption that caused deadlock like symptoms.
184631russellChange g_eid to ast_eid_default.
184675fileFix speech structure leak in the AGI speech recognition integration.
184728russellUse ast_random() instead of rand() to ensure we use the best RNG available.
184912russellFix build error when chan_h323 is not being built.
185127rmudgettUpdate the channel allocation method documentation.
185427dbrooksFix incorrect parsing in chan_gtalk when xmpp contains extra whitespaces
185666kpflemingignore copied (generated) file
185774russellFix a case where DTMF could bypass audiohooks.
185956kpflemingthe DAHDI_GETCONF, DAHDI_SETCONF and DAHDI_GET_PARAMS ioctls were recently corrected to show that they do, in fact, read data from userspace as part of their work. due to this fix, valgrind now reports a number of cases where chan_dahdi passed an uninitialized (or partially) buffer to these ioctls, which could lead to unexpected behavior.
186062tilghmanFix for AST-2009-003
186108kpflemingensure that the buffer passed to DAHDI_SET_BUFINFO is fully initialized
186177mmichelsonFix instructions in one-step parking comment to make more sense.
186232russellFix a memory leak in cdr_radius.
186381dvosselaudio_audiohook_write_list() did not correctly update sample size after ast_translate.
186466kpflemingFix a bug where DAHDI/Zaptel channels would not properly switch formats when requested
186806tilghmanFix Macro documentation to match current (and intended) behavior.
186900tilghmanAdd lastms to the require API call.
186987mmichelsonMake a couple of changes with regards to a new message printed in ast_read(). #14723
187048mmichelsonFix a small logical error when loading moh classes.
187305tilghmanAdd debugging mode for diagnosing file descriptor leaks. #14625
187365tilghmanPermit zero-length text messages in SIP.
187600tilghmanModify headers and macros, according to Russell's suggestions on the -dev list
187676russellDisable test modules by default.
187723kpflemingclean up some patterns for files to remove
187767tilghmanAdd lastms column to the contributed table designs
188038mmichelsonSet all queue variables on both the caller and member channels.
188104mmichelsonFix another crash related to cached realtime music on hold.
188212tilghmanAs suggested by Russell, warn users when their dialplan arguments contain pipes, but not commas.
188254fileFix a bug with the change I made yesterday to outbound proxy support.
188473mmichelsonFix a couple of queue member reference leaks.
188596mmichelsonUpdate ast_readvideo_callback to match ast_readaudio_callback.
188940fileFix a situation where the DAHDI channel private structure lock was not unlocked when it should have been.
189080seanbrightFix copy/paste error with 'transmit silence' flag.
189103mmichelsonPrevent a crash when SIP blonde transferring an unbridged call.
189139rmudgettOnly disable mISDN DSP if Asterisk DSP is enabled. Leave jitter setting alone.
189280mmichelsonMove the check for chan->fdno == -1 to after the zombie/hangup check. #14723
189422dbaileyClean up problem with manager implementation of mmap where it was not testing against MAP_FAILED response.
189534twilsonDon't treat a NOANSWER like a CHANUNAVAIL
189535twilsonUpdate CDR appropriately when AST_CAUSE_NO_ANSWER is set
189642dbaileyAdd check in configure script to check for GLOB_NOMAGIC and GLOB_BRACE in glob.h
189667dbaileyRemove daemon call on systems that do not support forking.
189815tilghmanDetect liblua on SuSE, and add libm for linking for Fedora.
189985russellFix call parking callback. Pipes -> Commas.
190291fileFix a bug in chan_local glare hangup detection.
190371russellRemove a bogus ast_channel_unlock().
190624mmichelsonUpdate warning message to not have pipes and contain all options.
190665russellResolve a crash in res_smdi when used with chan_dahdi.

Diffstat Results

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This is a summary of the changes to the source code that went into this release that was generated using the diffstat utility.

.cleancount                          |    2
CHANGES                              |  111 -
Makefile                             |   19
Makefile.moddir_rules                |    4
Makefile.rules                       |   81
UPGRADE-1.2.txt                      |   13
UPGRADE-1.4.txt                      |   13
UPGRADE-1.6.txt                      |  265 +++
UPGRADE.txt                          |  312 ---
acinclude.m4                         | 1119 ------------
agi/Makefile                         |    5
agi/eagi-sphinx-test.c               |   15
agi/eagi-test.c                      |    8
apps/app_adsiprog.c                  |    4
apps/app_authenticate.c              |    4
apps/app_channelredirect.c           |    3
apps/app_chanspy.c                   |   66
apps/app_dial.c                      |  335 ++-
apps/app_dictate.c                   |    4
apps/app_directed_pickup.c           |    4
apps/app_directory.c                 |    7
apps/app_disa.c                      |   12
apps/app_echo.c                      |    3
apps/app_externalivr.c               |   11
apps/app_fax.c                       |   76
apps/app_festival.c                  |   27
apps/app_followme.c                  |   45
apps/app_macro.c                     |   99 -
apps/app_meetme.c                    |  266 ++-
apps/app_minivm.c                    |  139 -
apps/app_mixmonitor.c                |   97 +
apps/app_mp3.c                       |    2
apps/app_nbscat.c                    |    2
apps/app_osplookup.c                 |    6
apps/app_page.c                      |   25
apps/app_parkandannounce.c           |    4
apps/app_queue.c                     |  655 ++++---
apps/app_read.c                      |    8
apps/app_readexten.c                 |    7
apps/app_record.c                    |    8
apps/app_rpt.c                       |   41
apps/app_senddtmf.c                  |    2
apps/app_sendtext.c                  |    4
apps/app_sms.c                       |  900 +++++-----
apps/app_speech_utils.c              |   10
apps/app_stack.c                     |   97 -
apps/app_system.c                    |    9
apps/app_test.c                      |   55
apps/app_transfer.c                  |    8
apps/app_userevent.c                 |   19
apps/app_voicemail.c                 |  956 +++++++---
apps/app_waitforsilence.c            |   41
apps/app_while.c                     |    5
autoconf/acx_pthread.m4              |  243 ++
autoconf/ast_c_compile_check.m4      |   31
autoconf/ast_c_define_check.m4       |   33
autoconf/ast_check_gnu_make.m4       |   20
autoconf/ast_check_mandatory.m4      |   23
autoconf/ast_check_openh323.m4       |  132 +
autoconf/ast_check_pwlib.m4          |  263 +++
autoconf/ast_ext_lib.m4              |   90 +
autoconf/ast_ext_tool_check.m4       |   43
autoconf/ast_func_fork.m4            |   61
autoconf/ast_gcc_attribute.m4        |   17
autoconf/ast_prog_egrep.m4           |   11
autoconf/ast_prog_ld.m4              |   83
autoconf/ast_prog_ld_gnu.m4          |   16
autoconf/ast_prog_sed.m4             |   21                         |    2
build_tools/cflags.xml               |    3
build_tools/embed_modules.xml        |   11
build_tools/make_buildopts_h         |   12
build_tools/make_version             |   11
cdr/Makefile                         |    2
cdr/cdr_adaptive_odbc.c              |    2
cdr/cdr_csv.c                        |   50
cdr/cdr_custom.c                     |    8
cdr/cdr_manager.c                    |   12
cdr/cdr_odbc.c                       |    6
cdr/cdr_pgsql.c                      |   28
cdr/cdr_radius.c                     |   30
cdr/cdr_sqlite.c                     |    8
cdr/cdr_sqlite3_custom.c             |   13
cdr/cdr_tds.c                        |    2
channels/Makefile                    |   32
channels/chan_agent.c                |  271 +--
channels/chan_alsa.c                 |    9
channels/chan_console.c              |    2
channels/chan_dahdi.c                |  677 ++++++-
channels/chan_features.c             |  568 ------
channels/chan_gtalk.c                |   14
channels/chan_h323.c                 |   73
channels/chan_iax2.c                 |  812 +++++----
channels/chan_local.c                |   67
channels/chan_mgcp.c                 |    4
channels/chan_misdn.c                |  380 +++-
channels/chan_oss.c                  |   41
channels/chan_phone.c                |    2
channels/chan_sip.c                  | 3044 ++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
channels/chan_skinny.c               |   31
channels/chan_unistim.c              |   19
channels/chan_usbradio.c             |   38
channels/                 |    2
channels/console_gui.c               |    8
channels/console_video.c             |    4
channels/h323/            |    2
channels/h323/ast_h323.cxx           |  261 +--
channels/h323/ast_h323.h             |   74
channels/h323/ast_ptlib.h            |   34
channels/h323/caps_h323.cxx          |   10
channels/h323/caps_h323.h            |   12
channels/h323/chan_h323.h            |   11
channels/h323/cisco-h225.cxx         |   20
channels/h323/cisco-h225.h           |   21
channels/h323/compat_h323.cxx        |    7
channels/h323/compat_h323.h          |   12
channels/iax2-parser.h               |   47
channels/iax2-provision.c            |  110 -
channels/iax2.h                      |    1
channels/misdn/Makefile              |    2
channels/misdn/ie.c                  |    4
channels/misdn/isdn_lib.c            |   95 -
channels/misdn_config.c              |   28
channels/vcodecs.c                   |   14
channels/xpmr/xpmr.c                 |    2
codecs/codec_dahdi.c                 |  404 +++-
codecs/gsm/Makefile                  |    2
codecs/lpc10/lpcini.c                |    2
configs/agents.conf.sample           |    2
configs/ais.conf.sample              |    9
configs/chan_dahdi.conf.sample       |   30
configs/extconfig.conf.sample        |    1
configs/extensions.conf.sample       |  169 +
configs/features.conf.sample         |   20
configs/func_odbc.conf.sample        |   33
configs/iax.conf.sample              |    5
configs/indications.conf.sample      |    2
configs/misdn.conf.sample            |    9
configs/queues.conf.sample           |   11
configs/res_ldap.conf.sample         |    7
configs/sip.conf.sample              |   59
configs/sip_notify.conf.sample       |   43
configs/voicemail.conf.sample        |   25
configure                            | 1511 +++++++++++++----                         |   90 -
contrib/asterisk-ng-doxygen          |   51
contrib/i18n.testsuite.conf          |  277 +--
contrib/scripts/autosupport          |   15
contrib/scripts/autosupport.8        |    9
contrib/scripts/   |    2
contrib/scripts/realtime_pgsql.sql   |    6
contrib/scripts/safe_asterisk        |    8
contrib/scripts/sip-friends.sql      |    5
doc/CODING-GUIDELINES                |    6
doc/distributed_devstate.txt         |   10
doc/manager_1_1.txt                  |   22
doc/tex/Makefile                     |    2
doc/tex/channelvariables.tex         |    4
doc/tex/extensions.tex               |    3
doc/tex/misdn.tex                    |    2
doc/timing.txt                       |   90 +
doc/unistim.txt                      |    2
doc/valgrind.txt                     |    4
formats/format_gsm.c                 |    4
formats/format_ogg_vorbis.c          |   16
formats/format_wav.c                 |    9
formats/format_wav_gsm.c             |    6
funcs/Makefile                       |    2
funcs/func_audiohookinherit.c        |  269 +++
funcs/func_callerid.c                |   74
funcs/func_cdr.c                     |    2
funcs/func_channel.c                 |    2
funcs/func_curl.c                    |    4
funcs/func_cut.c                     |    6
funcs/func_env.c                     |   57
funcs/func_groupcount.c              |   25
funcs/func_logic.c                   |    2
funcs/func_math.c                    |    4
funcs/func_odbc.c                    |  132 -
funcs/func_strings.c                 |   26
funcs/func_timeout.c                 |   17
include/asterisk.h                   |   42
include/asterisk/_private.h          |    2
include/asterisk/agi.h               |   58
include/asterisk/app.h               |  104 -
include/asterisk/astmm.h             |   42
include/asterisk/astobj2.h           |  160 +
include/asterisk/audiohook.h         |   35
include/asterisk/     |   39
include/asterisk/callerid.h          |   13
include/asterisk/channel.h           |  395 ++--
include/asterisk/chanvars.h          |    5
include/asterisk/cli.h               |    2
include/asterisk/compat.h            |   17
include/asterisk/compiler.h          |    6
include/asterisk/config.h            |  136 +
include/asterisk/crypto.h            |   14
include/asterisk/datastore.h         |    7
include/asterisk/devicestate.h       |  102 -
include/asterisk/dial.h              |    4
include/asterisk/dlinkedlists.h      |   69
include/asterisk/dnsmgr.h            |    4
include/asterisk/doxyref.h           |   28
include/asterisk/dsp.h               |   36
include/asterisk/dundi.h             |   14
include/asterisk/endian.h            |    4
include/asterisk/enum.h              |   29
include/asterisk/event.h             |  141 -
include/asterisk/extconf.h           |   26
include/asterisk/features.h          |   39
include/asterisk/file.h              |   25
include/asterisk/frame.h             |   30
include/asterisk/global_datastores.h |   11
include/asterisk/hashtab.h           |   10
include/asterisk/heap.h              |  266 +++
include/asterisk/http.h              |   15
include/asterisk/indications.h       |   24
include/asterisk/io.h                |    4
include/asterisk/linkedlists.h       |  788 ++++-----
include/asterisk/lock.h              |  395 +++-
include/asterisk/logger.h            |   35
include/asterisk/manager.h           |   12
include/asterisk/module.h            |    8
include/asterisk/pbx.h               |   69
include/asterisk/poll-compat.h       |   30
include/asterisk/pval.h              |    1
include/asterisk/res_odbc.h          |    5
include/asterisk/rtp.h               |   17
include/asterisk/say.h               |    4
include/asterisk/sched.h             |   51
include/asterisk/stringfields.h      |   24
include/asterisk/strings.h           |  184 +-
include/asterisk/taskprocessor.h     |   16
include/asterisk/tcptls.h            |   80
include/asterisk/threadstorage.h     |   61
include/asterisk/timing.h            |  107 -
include/asterisk/udptl.h             |    3
include/asterisk/utils.h             |   50
include/jitterbuf.h                  |    2
main/Makefile                        |   19
main/app.c                           |   96 -
main/ast_expr2.c                     |  332 ++-
main/ast_expr2.fl                    |   19
main/ast_expr2.h                     |    4
main/ast_expr2.y                     |   77
main/ast_expr2f.c                    | 2308 +++-----------------------
main/asterisk.c                      |  185 +-
main/astfd.c                         |  275 +++
main/astmm.c                         |    1
main/astobj2.c                       |   36
main/audiohook.c                     |   49
main/autoservice.c                   |    9
main/callerid.c                      |   12
main/cdr.c                           |    7
main/channel.c                       |  695 +++++--
main/chanvars.c                      |    8
main/cli.c                           |   17
main/config.c                        |   45
main/cryptostub.c                    |    1
main/db.c                            |   11
main/db1-ast/Makefile                |    3
main/db1-ast/hash/hash_page.c        |   10
main/db1-ast/recno/rec_open.c        |    2
main/devicestate.c                   |   70
main/dial.c                          |    4
main/dns.c                           |    2
main/dnsmgr.c                        |    2
main/dsp.c                           |    7
main/editline/configure              |  120 +
main/editline/           |    2
main/editline/np/unvis.c             |    2
main/editline/read.c                 |    3
main/editline/readline.c             |    1
main/editline/sys.h                  |   10
main/enum.c                          |   89 -
main/event.c                         |  501 ++++-
main/features.c                      | 1096 +++++++++---
main/file.c                          |  240 +-
main/frame.c                         |  110 -
main/global_datastores.c             |   27
main/hashtab.c                       |   24
main/heap.c                          |  304 +++
main/http.c                          |   57
main/indications.c                   |   43
main/io.c                            |    3
main/jitterbuf.c                     |   32
main/loader.c                        |   13
main/logger.c                        |   38
main/manager.c                       |  700 ++++----
main/pbx.c                           |  419 +++-
main/poll.c                          |   23
main/rtp.c                           |  141 +
main/say.c                           |  117 +
main/sched.c                         |   44
main/slinfactory.c                   |   10
main/srv.c                           |    4
main/stdtime/Makefile                |    2
main/taskprocessor.c                 |    2
main/tcptls.c                        |  328 +--
main/tdd.c                           |    1
main/threadstorage.c                 |   38
main/timing.c                        |  238 +-
main/translate.c                     |   30
main/udptl.c                         |   88 -
main/utils.c                         |  338 ++-                          |    2
pbx/Makefile                         |    2
pbx/ael/ael-test/ref.ael-vtest13     |  152 -
pbx/ael/ael-test/ref.ael-vtest17     |    2
pbx/pbx_ael.c                        |    7
pbx/pbx_config.c                     |   16
pbx/pbx_dundi.c                      |   88 -
pbx/pbx_lua.c                        |    4
pbx/pbx_spool.c                      |   21
res/Makefile                         |    2
res/ael/ael.flex                     |   82
res/ael/                    | 1031 ++++++-----
res/ael/ael.y                        |  147 +
res/ael/ael_lex.c                    |  343 ++-
res/ael/pval.c                       |   54
res/ais/evt.c                        |   52
res/res_agi.c                        |  388 ++--
res/res_ais.c                        |    4
res/res_config_odbc.c                |   14
res/res_config_sqlite.c              |   19
res/res_crypto.c                     |   10
res/res_http_post.c                  |   14
res/res_indications.c                |   46
res/res_jabber.c                     |    9
res/res_monitor.c                    |    7
res/res_musiconhold.c                |  835 +++++----
res/res_odbc.c                       |   69
res/res_phoneprov.c                  |   18
res/res_realtime.c                   |    6
res/res_smdi.c                       |   30
res/res_timing_dahdi.c               |   24
res/res_timing_pthread.c             |   57
res/snmp/agent.c                     |   14
sounds/Makefile                      |    5
sounds/sounds.xml                    |    2
tests/test_heap.c                    |  223 ++
utils/Makefile                       |   83
utils/ael_main.c                     |    5
utils/astcanary.c                    |   18
utils/astman.c                       |   15
utils/check_expr.c                   |    5
utils/conf2ael.c                     |    4
utils/expr2.testinput                |    8
utils/extconf.c                      |  216 +-
utils/frame.c                        |  272 +--
utils/muted.c                        |   13
utils/refcounter.c                   |    2
utils/smsq.c                         |    6
utils/stereorize.c                   |    8
utils/streamplayer.c                 |    7
355 files changed, 21755 insertions(+), 13944 deletions(-)