Release Summary


Date: 2011-02-22


Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Contributors
  3. Closed Issues
  4. Other Changes
  5. Diffstat


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This release includes only bug fixes. The changes included were made only to address problems that have been identified in this release series. Users should be able to safely upgrade to this version if this release series is already in use. Users considering upgrading from a previous release series are strongly encouraged to review the UPGRADE.txt document as well as the CHANGES document for information about upgrading to this release series.

The data in this summary reflects changes that have been made since the previous release, asterisk-


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This table lists the people who have submitted code, those that have tested patches, as well as those that reported issues on the issue tracker that were resolved in this release. For coders, the number is how many of their patches (of any size) were committed into this release. For testers, the number is the number of times their name was listed as assisting with testing a patch. Finally, for reporters, the number is the number of issues that they reported that were closed by commits that went into this release.




10 tilghman
7 lmadsen
5 jpeeler
4 pabelanger
3 lathama
3 mnicholson
2 moy
2 rmudgett
2 twilson
1 cjacobsen
1 dimas
1 jcovert
1 ks3
1 kshumard
1 pprindeville
1 russell
1 seanbright
1 tzafrir
2 elguero
2 jthurman
2 lathama
2 pabelanger
2 trev
2 zerohalo
1 bunny
1 dimas
1 joscas
1 ks3
1 mdu113
1 mmurdock
1 moy
1 nivek
1 pprindeville
1 seanbright
1 twilson
2 pabelanger
1 bcnit
1 bunny
1 cabal95
1 cjacobsen
1 dimas
1 jcovert
1 jlaguilar
1 joscas
1 ks3
1 kshumard
1 lathama
1 mariner7
1 mdu113
1 mmurdock
1 nivek
1 pprindeville
1 rgj
1 thsgmbh
1 zerohalo

Closed Issues

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This is a list of all issues from the issue tracker that were closed by changes that went into this release.

Category: Applications/app_meetme

#18182: [patch] useropts not initialized
Revision: 301089
Reporter: dimas
Testers: dimas
Coders: dimas

Category: Applications/app_verbose

#18586: [patch] Indicate log level argument for Log() is not optional
Revision: 301176
Reporter: kshumard
Coders: kshumard

Category: Applications/app_voicemail

#18358: [patch] Cannot forward voicemail with file storage backend
Revision: 301046
Reporter: cabal95
Coders: jpeeler

Category: CDR/cdr_pgsql

#18460: [patch] CDR(billsec) is not inserted properly for unanswered calls
Revision: 299130
Reporter: joscas
Testers: joscas
Coders: tilghman

Category: Channels/chan_dahdi

#18438: Ealry media is lost on accepted calls (with open r2 support, Elastix 2 flavor)
Revision: 299530
Reporter: mariner7
Testers: moy
Coders: moy

Category: Channels/chan_sip/DatabaseSupport

#18251: [patch] Realtime field 'fullcontact' populated with invalid data
Revision: 298481
Reporter: bcnit
Testers: trev, jthurman, elguero, zerohalo
Coders: tilghman

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Subscriptions

#18075: [patch] Asterisk fails to recognize SUBSCRIBE retransmissions and tries to re-authenticate them, which breaks presence on polyco
Revision: 300298
Reporter: mdu113
Testers: twilson, mdu113
Coders: twilson

#18597: [regression] Snom BLF subscription does not work
Revision: 301682
Reporter: thsgmbh
Coders: twilson

Category: Core/BuildSystem

#18493: [patch] Sqlite3 requires -lpthread to build in
Revision: 298817
Reporter: pprindeville
Testers: pprindeville
Coders: pprindeville

#18589: [patch] [regression] asterisk 1.8 tarball sound files ignored, Makefile re-downloads them.
Revision: 301220
Reporter: pabelanger
Testers: pabelanger
Coders: pabelanger

Category: Documentation

#18531: [patch] Note more settings in users.conf.sample to guide the user
Revision: 300431
Reporter: lathama
Testers: lathama
Coders: lathama

Category: Features/Parking

#15758: Park application expects timeout to be in Milliseconds
Revision: 299087
Reporter: mmurdock
Testers: mmurdock, seanbright
Coders: lmadsen

Category: Functions/func_dialgroup

#18091: [patch] dialgroup fills database with duplicates
Revision: 298477
Reporter: bunny
Testers: bunny
Coders: tilghman

Category: Functions/func_odbc

#18243: [patch] Random segfault when querying MySQL via func_odbc
Revision: 300622
Reporter: ks3
Testers: ks3
Coders: ks3

Category: General

#18130: [regression] DTMF on agent channel causes high CPU
Revision: 301503
Reporter: rgj
Coders: jpeeler

#18547: [patch] main/xmldoc.c error message is backwards -- fix that, and remove the sources of the error while we're at it
Revision: 300520
Reporter: jcovert
Coders: jcovert

Category: PBX/pbx_ael

#18480: [patch] Contexts with a 'switch' statement in a 's' extension adds MSet to the beginning of the Context
Revision: 299448
Reporter: nivek
Testers: nivek
Coders: tilghman

Category: PBX/pbx_realtime

#16228: eswitch does not substiotute variables when using Local Channel
Revision: 299625
Reporter: jlaguilar
Coders: tilghman

Category: Resources/res_config_odbc

#18279: [patch] res_odbc using ^ separator in M(macro) option as argument separator in Dial app gives control characters
Revision: 298481
Reporter: zerohalo
Testers: trev, jthurman, elguero, zerohalo
Coders: tilghman

Category: Resources/res_fax

#18481: [patch] *** glibc detected *** /usr/sbin/asterisk: free(): invalid pointer on shutdown
Revision: 298393
Reporter: pabelanger
Testers: pabelanger
Coders: tilghman

Category: Resources/res_phoneprov

#18607: [patch] Static entry for Polycom 331 split firmware
Revision: 301730
Reporter: cjacobsen
Testers: lathama
Coders: cjacobsen

Commits Not Associated with an Issue

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This is a list of all changes that went into this release that did not directly close an issue from the issue tracker. The commits may have been marked as being related to an issue. If that is the case, the issue numbers are listed here, as well.

RevisionAuthorSummaryIssues Referenced
298194rmudgettOutgoing PRI/BRI calls cannot do DTMF triggered transfers.
298346seanbrightFix reference and container leaks when running 'astobj2 test.'
298597jpeelerFix improper hangup when doing an attended transfer to queue.
298684jpeelerAfter recording only silence for a voicemail prepending, restore backup files.
298957tilghmanLet Asterisk find better backtrace information with libbfd.
298962tilghmanRemove backtrace used for testing merge process
299003tzafrirTypos: recieved => received
299136tilghmanDocumentation fix
299242mnicholsonRespond as soon as possible with a 202 Accepted to refer requests.
299533moydo not use progress which is for PRI and SS7, add mfcr2_progress member
299864pabelangerDocumentation typo
300165rmudgettUse correct variable for atxfercallbackretries config option.
300429russellUpdate the autosupport script from Digium support.
300574pabelangerChange deprecated message to LOG_WARNING
300951jpeelerEnsure good bye prompt in voicemail is played at the correct time.
301307mnicholsonPrevent buffer overflows in ast_uri_encode()
301310pabelangerFix a logic issue when passing context ARG
301594mnicholsonRemoved a usleep(1) that shouldn't be necessary in session_do, and removed the
301842lathamaAdd relationships to function documentation.
301848lathamaAdd relationships to function documentation.
303101lmadsenCreate from
303141lmadsenUpdate .version, ChangeLog, and merge changes.
303768lmadsenImporting release summary for release.
308140lmadsenCreate from
308143lmadsenUpdate .version file, ChangLog, removed old summary files, and merged in change to app_queue.
308146lmadsenImporting release summary for release.

Diffstat Results

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This is a summary of the changes to the source code that went into this release that was generated using the diffstat utility.

.version                           |    2
ChangeLog                          |   22
apps/app_chanspy.c                 |    2
apps/app_meetme.c                  |    4
apps/app_queue.c                   |    2
apps/app_verbose.c                 |    2
apps/app_voicemail.c               |   37
asterisk- |   60
asterisk-  |   90
asterisk- |   60
asterisk-  |   92 +
autoconf/ast_ext_lib.m4            |    2
build_tools/cflags-devmode.xml     |    5
build_tools/     |    2
cdr/cdr_pgsql.c                    |    6
cdr/cdr_sqlite.c                   |    9
channels/chan_agent.c              |    2
channels/chan_dahdi.c              |   23
channels/chan_iax2.c               |    4
channels/chan_local.c              |   12
channels/chan_sip.c                |   93 -
configs/extensions.conf.sample     |   14
configs/phoneprov.conf.sample      |    2
configs/users.conf.sample          |   29                       |   34
contrib/scripts/autosupport        |  619 ++++--
contrib/scripts/autosupport.8      |   63
funcs/func_aes.c                   |   10
funcs/func_base64.c                |   10
funcs/func_dialgroup.c             |    5
include/asterisk/   |    6
include/asterisk/logger.h          |   10
include/asterisk/utils.h           |    9
main/Makefile                      |    4
main/astobj2.c                     |    4
main/channel.c                     |    2
main/features.c                    |   22
main/logger.c                      |  156 +
main/manager.c                     |   14
main/utils.c                       |   49
main/xmldoc.c                      |    2                        |    3
pbx/ael/ael-test/ref.ael-test19    |    2
pbx/ael/ael-test/ref.ael-test3     |   14
pbx/ael/ael-test/ref.ael-vtest13   | 3367 ++++++++++++++++++-------------------
pbx/ael/ael-test/ref.ael-vtest17   |   16
pbx/ael/ael-test/ref.ael-vtest25   |    2
res/ael/pval.c                     |    8
res/res_config_odbc.c              |    5
res/res_odbc.c                     |   17                        |    2
utils/ael_main.c                   |   11
utils/check_expr.c                 |   12
utils/conf2ael.c                   |   12
utils/hashtest.c                   |   13
utils/hashtest2.c                  |   12
utils/refcounter.c                 |   13
57 files changed, 2900 insertions(+), 2204 deletions(-)