Release Summary


Date: 2011-06-29


Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Contributors
  3. Closed Issues
  4. Other Changes
  5. Diffstat


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This release includes only bug fixes. The changes included were made only to address problems that have been identified in this release series. Users should be able to safely upgrade to this version if this release series is already in use. Users considering upgrading from a previous release series are strongly encouraged to review the UPGRADE.txt document as well as the CHANGES document for information about upgrading to this release series.

The data in this summary reflects changes that have been made since the previous release, asterisk-1.8.4.


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This table lists the people who have submitted code, those that have tested patches, as well as those that reported issues on the issue tracker that were resolved in this release. For coders, the number is how many of their patches (of any size) were committed into this release. For testers, the number is the number of times their name was listed as assisting with testing a patch. Finally, for reporters, the number is the number of issues that they reported that were closed by commits that went into this release.




83 rmudgett
33 twilson
26 jrose
18 mnicholson
15 lmadsen
15 tilghman
14 dvossel
14 russell
11 seanbright
10 alecdavis
9 wdoekes
6 tzafrir
5 irroot
3 cmaj
3 kobaz
3 may
3 pabelanger
2 bbryant
2 elguero
2 IgorG
2 kmoore
2 kpfleming
2 lathama
2 may213
2 mmichelson
2 one47
2 pdugas
2 qwell
2 rgagnon
1 andy11
1 bernhards
1 bklang
1 bluecrow76
1 byronclark
1 Chainsaw
1 denzs
1 Dovid
1 ebroad
1 edersohe
1 enegaard
1 festr
1 FeyFre
1 fhackenberger
1 gareth
1 Irontec
1 jcovert
1 jhirsch
1 jthurman
1 junky
1 kkm
1 loic
1 malin
1 manwe
1 markm
1 moy
1 nahuelgreco
1 neutrino88
1 nivek
1 p
1 pruiz
1 rohanl
1 sboily
1 smurfix
1 st
1 sysreq
1 var
1 viraptor
1 vrban
1 zvision
22 rmudgett
8 alecdavis
8 jrose
5 seanbright
5 wdoekes
4 astmiv
4 russell
4 tilghman
4 twilson
3 cmaj
3 irroot
3 lmadsen
3 loloski
3 mnicholson
2 Chainsaw
2 chazzam
2 cristiandimache
2 enegaard
2 globalnetinc
2 jcovert
2 jde
2 jkister
2 kobaz
2 lathama
2 nivek
2 remiq
2 satish_lx
2 stever28
2 vois
2 wimpy
2 ZX81
1 alexandrekeller
1 amilcar
1 bernhards
1 bertrand
1 boroda
1 bromont
1 chris-mac
1 devellow
1 dhubbard
1 dvossel
1 edhorton
1 elguero
1 festr
1 FeyFre
1 fhackenberger
1 firstsip
1 francesco_r
1 Freddi_Fonet
1 GeorgeKonopacki
1 Greenlightcrm
1 Igels
1 IgorG
1 Irontec
1 IshMalik
1 isis242
1 jamhed
1 jcromes
1 jg1234
1 jmls
1 JonathanRose
1 jthurman
1 kkm
1 kowalma
1 kterzi
1 kuj
1 lefoyer
1 malin
1 Marquis
1 Marquis42
1 mav3rick
1 mickecarlsson
1 moy
1 nic
1 notthematrix
1 oej
1 p_lindheimer
1 pdugas
1 pruiz
1 rgagnon
1 rossbeer
1 rymkus
1 se
1 seadweller
1 shmaize
1 smurfix
1 steve-howes
1 sum
1 sysreq
1 tbsky
1 tzafrir
1 vmikhelson
1 wolfgang
1 wuwu
8 irroot
7 wdoekes
6 tzafrir
5 alecdavis
4 kobaz
3 cmaj
3 jkister
3 jmls
3 nahuelgreco
3 oej
2 bklang
2 byronclark
2 destiny6628
2 enegaard
2 festr
2 georgekonopacki
2 igorg
2 lmadsen
2 mdavenport
2 mickecarlsson
2 nivaldomjunior
2 one47
2 pabelanger
2 pdugas
2 pruiz
2 remiq
2 sysreq
2 vmikhelson
2 wuwu
1 alexandrekeller
1 alric
1 andy11
1 arjankroon
1 bchia
1 bernhards
1 bertrand
1 blkline
1 bluecrow76
1 bromont
1 chazzam
1 clegall_proformatique
1 cristiandimache
1 danimal
1 davidw
1 denzs
1 devmod
1 dhubbard
1 docent
1 dovid
1 dswartz
1 dvossel
1 edersohe
1 edhorton
1 elguero
1 feyfre
1 ffossard
1 gareth
1 gje
1 igels
1 irontec
1 isrl
1 jamhed
1 jamicque
1 jasonshugart
1 jcovert
1 jcromes
1 jg1234
1 jhirsch
1 johnz
1 jpokorny
1 juanmol
1 junky
1 jvanvleet
1 kkm
1 kshumard
1 ksn
1 kvveltho
1 leearcher
1 lefoyer
1 loic
1 malufrj
1 manwe
1 marcelloceschia
1 mav3rick
1 mfrager
1 microlana
1 mlehner
1 mn3250
1 mrhanman
1 mrwho
1 mspuhler
1 neutrino88
1 nic
1 nick_lewis
1 nivek
1 nvitaly
1 obi van
1 p_lindheimer
1 pbxware
1 rgagnon
1 rohanl
1 sboily_proformatique
1 seadweller
1 sharvanek
1 shmaize
1 siby
1 smurfix
1 st
1 stknob
1 sybasesql
1 tbsky
1 var
1 viraptor
1 vois
1 vrban
1 was
1 wcselby
1 wimpy
1 zvision

Closed Issues

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This is a list of all issues from the issue tracker that were closed by changes that went into this release.

Category: Addons/app_addon_sql_mysql

ASTERISK-16656: [patch] Crash with autoclear=yes with MYSQL() application
Revision: 317837
Reporter: wuwu
Testers: wuwu
Coders: seanbright

Category: Addons/cdr_addon_mysql

ASTERISK-17620: clid field empty in mysql table when using cdr_addon_mysql
Revision: 311930
Reporter: wcselby
Testers: tilghman
Coders: tilghman

ASTERISK-17643: [patch] Column names should be escaped
Revision: 316429
Reporter: festr
Coders: festr

Category: Addons/chan_ooh323

ASTERISK-17756: [patch] Asterisk crashes with a segfault if current host cannot be resolved via DNS.
Revision: 316874
Reporter: dswartz
Coders: may213

ASTERISK-17919: [patch] OOH323 Unexpectedly Drops Incoming Forwarded Calls in 15 Seconds
Revision: 321528
Reporter: vmikhelson
Testers: vmikhelson
Coders: may213

Category: Addons/res_config_mysql

ASTERISK-17665: [patch] 'voicemail show users for default' with a lot of entries in realtime voicemail cores asterisk
Revision: 317370
Reporter: mickecarlsson
Testers: mickecarlsson
Coders: seanbright

Category: Applications/app_chanspy

ASTERISK-17029: [patch] one-way-audio when chanspy activated
Revision: 316650
Reporter: jkister
Testers: firstsip, Greenlightcrm, malin, wdoekes, boroda, dvossel
Coders: malin

Category: Applications/app_dial

ASTERISK-16649: [patch] Peer does not hang up when caller hangup while app_dial is executing - Deadagi
Revision: 313588
Reporter: mn3250
Testers: rmudgett, astmiv
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17660: [patch] Change seconds to milliseconds in ast_verb line
Revision: 314203
Reporter: smurfix
Testers: lmadsen, smurfix
Coders: smurfix

ASTERISK-17707: [patch] Unclear code in app_dial.c
Revision: 314068
Reporter: oej
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17874: [patch] [regression] Revision 315643 app_dial breaks ring groups
Revision: 319529
Reporter: mspuhler
Coders: elguero

Category: Applications/app_directed_pickup

ASTERISK-17873: [patch] Crash when using PickupChan
Revision: 319997
Reporter: remiq
Testers: alecdavis, remiq, rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

Category: Applications/app_externalivr

ASTERISK-17496: [patch] Small leak in app_externalivr
Revision: 309403
Reporter: andy11
Coders: andy11

Category: Applications/app_meetme

ASTERISK-15816: [patch] Problems with MeetMe and RT schedule dates
Revision: 317969
Reporter: sysreq
Coders: sysreq

ASTERISK-16077: [patch] MeetMe 'L' and 'S' ignore 'C' option
Revision: 316476
Reporter: var
Testers: seanbright
Coders: var

ASTERISK-16747: [regression] 'D' option of MeetMe does not work for 1st caller (PIN not asked)
Revision: 311615
Reporter: mav3rick
Coders: bbryant

ASTERISK-17061: Wait for leader with Music On Hold allows crosstalk between participants
Revision: 316831
Reporter: mrhanman
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17896: [patch] meetme cli cmd completion leaves conferences mutex locked
Revision: 320237
Reporter: zvision
Coders: zvision

Category: Applications/app_mixmonitor

ASTERISK-17038: [patch] Mixmonitor does not parse file path proper if it contain a . (period)
Revision: 309858
Reporter: pabelanger
Testers: jrose
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-17346: [patch] MIXMON_ARGS not processed when call being monitored via chanspy
Revision: 310726
Reporter: jkister
Testers: jkister, jcovert, jrose
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-17346: [patch] MIXMON_ARGS not processed when call being monitored via chanspy
Revision: 311197
Reporter: jkister
Testers: jkister, jcovert, jrose
Coders: jrose

Category: Applications/app_privacy

ASTERISK-17839: [patch] app_privacy arguments reference invalid "options" option, interferes with "context" option
Revision: 321330
Reporter: mdavenport
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17839: [patch] app_privacy arguments reference invalid "options" option, interferes with "context" option
Revision: 321337
Reporter: mdavenport
Coders: rmudgett

Category: Applications/app_queue

ASTERISK-16910: Newstate event contains CallerIDName/CallerIDNum of queue member
Revision: 320823
Reporter: gje
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17806: [patch] announce field in queue_ent is not long enough
Revision: 317336
Reporter: byronclark
Coders: byronclark

ASTERISK-17941: add queue-minute option on queues.conf example file
Revision: 321685
Reporter: juanmol
Coders: lmadsen

Category: Applications/app_rpt

ASTERISK-14542: [patch] fix leaks and cppcheck warning
Revision: 317427
Reporter: junky
Coders: junky

Category: Applications/app_voicemail

ASTERISK-16784: [patch] Message lost when sox fails to re-encode with 'volgain'
Revision: 316709
Reporter: sysreq
Testers: seanbright
Coders: seanbright

ASTERISK-17299: [patch] Compile Error - odbc_storage enabled
Revision: 312211
Reporter: elguero
Testers: elguero, nivek, alecdavis
Coders: elguero

ASTERISK-17480: [patch] app_voicemail creates "general" mailbox from users.conf
Revision: 319367
Reporter: pdugas
Testers: pdugas
Coders: pdugas, seanbright

Category: Applications/app_voicemail/IMAP

ASTERISK-15015: app_voicemail appending IMAPFOLDER to 'vm-' to create filename for prompt to play.
Revision: 320162
Reporter: blkline
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-16576: [patch] IMAP with maildir formats do not handle greetings correctly
Revision: 321537
Reporter: edhorton
Testers: edhorton, fhackenberger
Coders: fhackenberger

Category: CDR/NewFeature

ASTERISK-17286: [patch] Cdr_syslog loses configuration on reload
Revision: 317480
Reporter: enegaard
Testers: enegaard
Coders: seanbright

Category: CDR/cdr_adaptive_odbc

ASTERISK-16874: [patch] CDR's being written on caller hangup
Revision: 318868
Reporter: leearcher
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

Category: CEL/General

ASTERISK-17609: [patch] extra ast_strlen_zero() check in cel_odbc prevents integer eventtype in database
Revision: 311799
Reporter: mlehner
Coders: tilghman

ASTERISK-17762: [patch] Confusing directory vestige /var/log/asterisk/cel-csv/
Revision: 317058
Reporter: bchia
Testers: lathama, Marquis42
Coders: lathama

ASTERISK-17892: [patch] Crash on load of cel_odbc
Revision: 319812
Reporter: kobaz
Coders: kobaz

Category: Channels/General

ASTERISK-17127: Segmentation fault when using dynamic hints and func_odbc
Revision: 318921
Reporter: bertrand
Testers: bertrand
Coders: bbryant

ASTERISK-17229: [patch] Get Real Channel of a Dahdi Call
Revision: 309445
Reporter: arjankroon
Testers: rmudgett, stever28
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17784: [patch] Framehook Segfaults on indicate
Revision: 316334
Reporter: irroot
Coders: irroot

ASTERISK-17818: [patch] Framehooks ast_indicate_data Incorectly uses "read" this should be "write"
Revision: 318142
Reporter: irroot
Testers: irroot
Coders: irroot

Category: Channels/chan_dahdi

ASTERISK-14611: [patch] Stuck channel using FEATD_MF if caller hangs up at the right time
Revision: 313190
Reporter: jcromes
Testers: jcromes
Coders: pabelanger

ASTERISK-16197: [patch] "setvar" can add multiple variables with the same name to a channel
Revision: 313434
Reporter: nahuelgreco
Testers: tilghman, jrose
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-16197: [patch] "setvar" can add multiple variables with the same name to a channel
Revision: 313436
Reporter: nahuelgreco
Testers: tilghman, jrose
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-16233: [patch] "dahdi show channels group" auto-completion bug
Revision: 313860
Reporter: ffossard
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-16403: [patch] I could not find an easy way to access DAHDI channel and span number from the dialplan.
Revision: 309445
Reporter: mrwho
Testers: rmudgett, stever28
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-16892: [patch] Asterisk gets killed during the live calling
Revision: 312575
Reporter: destiny6628
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-16964: Asterisk does not send release message when channel requested during SETUP gets changed during Procedding Message from TELCO
Revision: 312575
Reporter: destiny6628
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17107: [patch] "Caller*ID failed checksum" on Wildcard TDM2400P and TDM410
Revision: 310636
Reporter: nivek
Testers: nivek
Coders: nivek

ASTERISK-17120: Asterisk does not end call properly and stops reacting to following SETUP messages
Revision: 312575
Reporter: jpokorny
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17276: [patch] Chan_dahdi hangs up after first ring when doing dtmf cid detection without polarity reversal
Revision: 309126
Reporter: enegaard
Testers: enegaard
Coders: enegaard

ASTERISK-17440: Dialed Number Truncated in the "Dialing..." Output on the Console
Revision: 313780
Reporter: vmikhelson
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17459: [patch] dont get early media on outgoing calls
Revision: 318231
Reporter: isrl
Testers: satish_lx, cristiandimache
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17483: Asterisk-R2 outgoing calls without CallerID
Revision: 309720
Reporter: malufrj
Testers: moy
Coders: moy

ASTERISK-17569: [patch] Can't return to normal ring after distinctive ring on FXS
Revision: 315001
Reporter: bromont
Testers: alecdavis, bromont
Coders: alecdavis

ASTERISK-17642: [patch] ISDN party subaddress odd_even_indicator inconsitency / undocumented
Revision: 313001
Reporter: festr
Testers: festr, alecdavis, rmudgett
Coders: alecdavis

ASTERISK-17757: [patch] dahdi_hangup() doesnt clean up / hang up the channel correctly/fully
Revision: 316224
Reporter: jg1234
Testers: jg1234
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17813: [patch] No inband progress on PRI_EVENT_RINGING even if inband flag set
Revision: 318231
Reporter: cristiandimache
Testers: satish_lx, cristiandimache
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17824: [patch] Unable to pickup ringing DAHDI call, as when ringing state is reported as DIALLING
Revision: 318499
Reporter: alecdavis
Testers: alecdavis, rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17834: [patch] pri early media won't ring
Revision: 318783
Reporter: tbsky
Testers: tbsky
Coders: rmudgett

Category: Channels/chan_iax2

ASTERISK-15449: RFC2833 DTMF is not passed correctly when going SIP->IAX2->SIP
Revision: 310902
Reporter: sharvanek
Testers: globalnetinc, jde
Coders: twilson

ASTERISK-16056: [patch] chan_iax2 ignores the port in an SRV record
Revision: 318055
Reporter: jcovert
Coders: jcovert

Category: Channels/chan_local

ASTERISK-17414: [patch] Crashing when using local channels and realtime on asterisk 1.8.3-rc2
Revision: 315446
Reporter: nic
Testers: nic, jthurman, kterzi, steve-howes, sysreq, IshMalik
Coders: jthurman, russell

ASTERISK-17633: [patch] Chan_local crashes in fixup
Revision: 316330
Reporter: oej
Testers: oej
Coders: dvossel

ASTERISK-17747: [patch] check_bridge(): misplaced ast_mutex_unlock
Revision: 315053
Reporter: alecdavis
Coders: alecdavis

Category: Channels/chan_mgcp

ASTERISK-16943: [patch] When using Realtime gateway definitions, random crashes occur
Revision: 315349
Reporter: nahuelgreco
Coders: nahuelgreco

Category: Channels/chan_misdn

ASTERISK-17051: [patch] When a call going out an NT-PTMP port gets rejected, Asterisk crashes
Revision: 312509
Reporter: wimpy
Testers: rmudgett, wimpy
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17559: [patch] chan_misdn segfaults when DEBUG_THREADS is enabled 1.8.4-rc4
Revision: 312022
Reporter: irroot
Coders: rmudgett

Category: Channels/chan_sip/CallCompletionSupplementaryServices

ASTERISK-17014: [patch] Missing P-Asserted-Identity
Revision: 317670
Reporter: georgekonopacki
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17530: [patch] (Call Completion / SIP) PUBLISH Fails (412 Conditional Request Failed)
Revision: 310231
Reporter: georgekonopacki
Testers: GeorgeKonopacki
Coders: mmichelson

Category: Channels/chan_sip/CodecHandling

ASTERISK-17764: [patch] When SIP caller does not offer video, adding video drops the call
Revision: 318337
Reporter: one47
Coders: one47

Category: Channels/chan_sip/General

ASTERISK-16997: [patch] No answer to OPTIONS packet because Asterisk not looking for 's' in default context
Revision: 312866
Reporter: shmaize
Testers: shmaize
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17124: Asterisk does not hangup a channel after endpoint hangs up when using FastAGI
Revision: 313588
Reporter: devmod
Testers: rmudgett, astmiv
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17208: [patch] Read func CHANNEL() on sip channel without arg will crash asterisk
Revision: 310088
Reporter: wuwu
Testers: jrose
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-17297: sip deadlock with explanation
Revision: 314067
Reporter: dvossel
Coders: dvossel

ASTERISK-17352: [patch] Deadlock of SIP takes out server
Revision: 325339
Reporter: jvanvleet
Coders: dvossel

ASTERISK-17388: [patch] Deadlock sip_read check_rtp_timeout #16608
Revision: 317865
Reporter: irroot
Coders: irroot

ASTERISK-17417: [patch] fix for crash in strcompare_l in sip/reqresp_parser.c - possible null c_locale
Revision: 311612
Reporter: cmaj
Coders: cmaj

ASTERISK-17487: [patch] Large number of active sip dialogs PUBLISH in the output "sip show channels".
Revision: 322322
Reporter: obi van
Testers: loloski, Chainsaw, wimpy, se, kuj, irroot
Coders: irroot

ASTERISK-17490: [patch] ast_dsp_process logs a error about inband DTMF on faxdetect shut it up
Revision: 317429
Reporter: irroot
Coders: russell

ASTERISK-17510: [patch] uncached realtime peers are put in peers_by_ip => memory leak
Revision: 315213
Reporter: wdoekes
Coders: wdoekes

ASTERISK-17659: [patch] "sip show settings" shows wrong values for jitter buffer settings
Revision: 317478
Reporter: rgagnon
Coders: rgagnon

ASTERISK-17682: [patch] [regression] "sip prune" does not clean the relevant peer objects -> memleak
Revision: 317281
Reporter: vrban
Coders: vrban

ASTERISK-17761: [patch] [regression] segfault in _sip_tcp_helper_thread() caused by bad merge in r314628
Revision: 319142
Reporter: stknob
Testers: vois, Chainsaw
Coders: Chainsaw

ASTERISK-17771: [patch] switching From-address mid-register breaks channel variables
Revision: 317867
Reporter: wdoekes
Coders: wdoekes

ASTERISK-17793: [patch] sip_set_rtp_peer sometimes returns too early
Revision: 318233
Reporter: one47
Coders: one47

ASTERISK-17945: [patch] NOTICE message says what wasn't reachable, but not who couldn't reach it
Revision: 321511
Reporter: lmadsen
Testers: russell
Coders: lmadsen

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Interoperability

ASTERISK-16993: regression improper sip parse when invite contains values to the left of the @ ;phone-context=+1;npdi=yes
Revision: 319938
Reporter: danimal
Testers: jrose
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-17293: [patch] Wrong country code identifier "%2B" instead of "+" in Remote-Party-ID
Revision: 317861
Reporter: was
Testers: wdoekes, devellow, wolfgang, mav3rick
Coders: wdoekes

ASTERISK-17311: "Require: timer" header still being sent
Revision: 316217
Reporter: mfrager
Coders: dvossel

ASTERISK-17400: [patch] session-timers=refuse is not enforced for *caller*
Revision: 316617
Reporter: wdoekes
Coders: wdoekes, dvossel

Category: Channels/chan_sip/Registration

ASTERISK-14953: [patch] Autocreated peers not deleted when unregister explicitly, become zombies
Revision: 315673
Reporter: kkm
Testers: kkm, tilghman, twilson
Coders: kkm

ASTERISK-17535: [patch] [regression] Cisco phones do not register
Revision: 315894
Reporter: jmls
Coders: wdoekes

ASTERISK-17535: [patch] [regression] Cisco phones do not register
Revision: 318720
Reporter: jmls
Coders: mnicholson

ASTERISK-17880: [patch] [regression] SIP peers unregistered when asterisk restarts
Revision: 319552
Reporter: remiq
Testers: lmadsen, remiq
Coders: twilson

Category: Channels/chan_sip/SRTP

ASTERISK-16867: [patch] Hold/Unhold not possible with SIP using SRTP
Revision: 318919
Reporter: bernhards
Testers: bernhards, notthematrix
Coders: bernhards

Category: Channels/chan_sip/TCP-TLS

ASTERISK-16279: [patch] TCP connection will not be closed, if device do a reregister
Revision: 317196
Reporter: marcelloceschia
Coders: st

ASTERISK-17438: [patch] TCP TLS session open failure dumps core
Revision: 310999
Reporter: cmaj
Testers: cmaj, twilson
Coders: cmaj

ASTERISK-17472: [patch] allow storing TCP peers in ast db & alllow rtupdate=no to use them
Revision: 318917
Reporter: cmaj
Testers: cmaj
Coders: cmaj

ASTERISK-17753: [patch] [regression] Asterisk drops sip messages and/or response codes if SIP/TLS is used
Revision: 320180
Reporter: st
Testers: mnicholson
Coders: mnicholson

Category: Core/BuildSystem

ASTERISK-15990: [patch] Missing Menuselect Option "Compiler Flags - Development" in dev mode
Revision: 317530
Reporter: nick_lewis
Coders: russell

ASTERISK-16220: [patch] bashism in configure script
Revision: 316193
Reporter: tzafrir
Coders: tzafrir

ASTERISK-17668: [patch] fix detection of openssl 1.0
Revision: 313279
Reporter: tzafrir
Coders: tzafrir

ASTERISK-17904: [patch] autoconf check for iconv does not work for GNU libiconv
Revision: 320573
Reporter: rohanl
Coders: rohanl

Category: Core/CallCompletionSupplementaryServices

ASTERISK-17363: [patch] CallCompletionRequest() / Cancel() exit non-zero if no call/pending call
Revision: 312461
Reporter: p_lindheimer
Testers: p_lindheimer, rmudgett
Coders: p

ASTERISK-17857: [patch] CCSS Crash introduced in new SVN [318867]
Revision: 319145
Reporter: irroot
Coders: dvossel

Category: Core/General

ASTERISK-16023: [patch] UDP ports not freed/ports leaking
Revision: 318549
Reporter: kvveltho
Testers: rgagnon, twilson, wdoekes, loloski
Coders: rgagnon

ASTERISK-17080: [patch] Deadlock in chan_sip
Revision: 317283
Reporter: alric
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-17370: [patch] FD 32767 exceeds the maximum size of ast_fdset
Revision: 315503
Reporter: jamicque
Testers: chris-mac
Coders: tilghman

ASTERISK-17442: [patch] Canary failure
Revision: 309678
Reporter: viraptor
Coders: viraptor

ASTERISK-17448: [patch] Segmentation fault in strlen () from /lib64/
Revision: 320504
Reporter: sybasesql
Coders: jrose

Category: Core/HTTP

ASTERISK-17224: Manager Event Interface w/Digest authentication does not work!
Revision: 316919
Reporter: ksn
Coders: seanbright

Category: Core/ManagerInterface

ASTERISK-16837: [patch] Duplicated event on AMI interface
Revision: 308815
Reporter: feyfre
Testers: FeyFre, twilson
Coders: FeyFre

ASTERISK-16848: [patch] Malformed XML response
Revision: 309204
Reporter: nivaldomjunior
Coders: qwell

ASTERISK-16848: [patch] Malformed XML response
Revision: 310240
Reporter: nivaldomjunior
Testers: lathama
Coders: lathama, twilson

ASTERISK-16882: [patch] Missing colon in To/From headers of RTCP manager events
Revision: 317918
Reporter: clegall_proformatique
Coders: ebroad

ASTERISK-17384: [patch] Security issue in originate, system permission bypassed if using async
Revision: 314628
Reporter: kobaz
Coders: mnicholson

ASTERISK-17533: [patch] ActionID missing into response when action is events
Revision: 317425
Reporter: edersohe
Coders: edersohe

ASTERISK-17578: [patch] DoS through manager interface: no timeout for unauthenticated logins
Revision: 312766
Reporter: tzafrir
Testers: mnicholson
Coders: mnicholson

ASTERISK-17664: [patch] FulltBooted event received even when events are disabled
Revision: 316206
Reporter: bklang
Testers: seanbright
Coders: seanbright

ASTERISK-17785: [patch] Originate action generates two error responses
Revision: 316663
Reporter: oej
Testers: seanbright
Coders: seanbright

ASTERISK-17827: [patch] Manager eventfilter blacklisting does not filter blacklisted events
Revision: 318485
Reporter: dhubbard
Testers: dhubbard
Coders: lmadsen

Category: Core/ManagerInterface/NewFeature

ASTERISK-16827: [patch] Add ConnectedLineNum/Name headers to output of manager action Status
Revision: 320650
Reporter: gareth
Coders: gareth

Category: Core/Netsock

ASTERISK-17670: [patch] tcptls.c fails building with no SSL2 support
Revision: 314251
Reporter: tzafrir
Testers: russell, chazzam
Coders: tzafrir

ASTERISK-17852: [patch] ast_tcptls_server_start fails second attempt to bind
Revision: 320338
Reporter: wdoekes
Coders: wdoekes

ASTERISK-17852: [patch] ast_tcptls_server_start fails second attempt to bind
Revision: 320568
Reporter: wdoekes
Coders: wdoekes

ASTERISK-17905: [patch] Crash in netsock when attempting to resolve blank sip uri
Revision: 321100
Reporter: kobaz
Testers: kobaz, Marquis
Coders: kobaz

ASTERISK-17905: [patch] Crash in netsock when attempting to resolve blank sip uri
Revision: 321155
Reporter: kobaz
Testers: kobaz, JonathanRose
Coders: markm

Category: Core/PBX

ASTERISK-15901: [patch] minmemfree does not work
Revision: 317917
Reporter: loic
Coders: loic

Category: Core/Portability

ASTERISK-17360: [patch] Null values in format strings lead to segfault
Revision: 311352
Reporter: bklang
Coders: bklang

Category: Core/RTP

ASTERISK-14589: [patch] Fix for Sonus DTMF issues
Revision: 310902
Reporter: jasonshugart
Testers: globalnetinc, jde
Coders: twilson

ASTERISK-17378: [patch] SEGFAULT in remote_bridge_loop after a SIP to SIP attended transfer with external IAX2 or DAHDI call
Revision: 310287
Reporter: alecdavis
Testers: alecdavis, ZX81
Coders: alecdavis

ASTERISK-17431: [patch] Deadlock with attended transfer of SIP call
Revision: 308945
Reporter: alecdavis
Testers: alecdavis, Irontec, ZX81, cmaj
Coders: alecdavis

Category: Documentation

ASTERISK-15279: [patch] SIP Realtime SQL Table
Revision: 317805
Reporter: pabelanger
Coders: pabelanger

ASTERISK-17167: [patch] MySQL table definitions are broken (wrong commas and a wrong name)
Revision: 317486
Reporter: denzs
Coders: denzs

Category: Features

ASTERISK-17264: [patch] [regression] Call Pickup Hangs Asterisk (deadlock?)
Revision: 318671
Reporter: docent
Testers: lmadsen, francesco_r, amilcar, isis242, alecdavis, irroot, rymkus, loloski, rmudgett
Coders: alecdavis

Category: Features/Parking

ASTERISK-17397: features reload does not clear old configuration and always include 700 on parkedcalls
Revision: 313048
Reporter: mickecarlsson
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-17453: Free parking slot logic broken if randomising start - stops early and doesn't recognize it failed (#16428 is not complete fix)
Revision: 319866
Reporter: davidw
Testers: jrose
Coders: jrose

ASTERISK-17738: [patch] Multiple parking lots parkedcall/transfers/reparking/hangup/recording no handled properly
Revision: 314777
Reporter: bluecrow76
Coders: bluecrow76

Category: Formats/General

ASTERISK-17936: [patch] Fail to play video prompts
Revision: 321335
Reporter: neutrino88
Coders: neutrino88

Category: Formats/format_wav

ASTERISK-16957: [patch] Asterisk does not play wav files with unknown chunk types
Revision: 315259
Reporter: jhirsch
Coders: jhirsch

Category: Functions/func_channel

ASTERISK-17554: [patch] Duplicated info in 'rtpqos' description
Revision: 314206
Reporter: igorg
Coders: IgorG

Category: Functions/func_curl

ASTERISK-16830: [patch] crashing func_curl hashcompat with invalid data
Revision: 316094
Reporter: wdoekes
Testers: wdoekes
Coders: tilghman

Category: Functions/func_odbc

ASTERISK-16946: [patch] Call to SQLDescribeCol returns an invalid ColumnSize paramenter on x64 (Patch included)
Revision: 310142
Reporter: pruiz
Coders: tilghman

ASTERISK-17411: [patch] func_odbc insertsql option may not work on SQL_NODATA
Revision: 308991
Reporter: irroot
Coders: irroot

ASTERISK-17527: [patch] There is a resource leak in func_odbc when inserting the previous handle not released
Revision: 310415
Reporter: irroot
Coders: tilghman

Category: Functions/func_shell

ASTERISK-17630: [patch] Concatenates uninitialized buffer causes garbage data prior result also may cause crash
Revision: 314780
Reporter: johnz
Coders: russell

Category: General

ASTERISK-17129: [patch] Asterisk Crashing/Hangs
Revision: 309084
Reporter: vois
Testers: vois, rossbeer, kowalma, Freddi_Fonet
Coders: dvossel

ASTERISK-17552: [patch] 'core show locks' should show Thread ID in HEX, then would match up with GDB's backtrace
Revision: 310781
Reporter: alecdavis
Coders: alecdavis

ASTERISK-17555: [patch] Remove extra quote in indications.conf
Revision: 311050
Reporter: igorg
Testers: IgorG
Coders: IgorG

ASTERISK-17769: [patch] sometimes ntohs in place of htons
Revision: 316336
Reporter: wdoekes
Coders: wdoekes

ASTERISK-17782: [patch] bug in contrib/scripts/safe_asterisk
Revision: 317104
Reporter: lefoyer
Testers: wdoekes, lefoyer
Coders: wdoekes

ASTERISK-17861: [regression] Big Endian breakage (regression since gcc 4.6 fix)
Revision: 319083
Reporter: tzafrir
Coders: dvossel

Category: PBX/General

ASTERISK-17703: [patch] 'e' special extension fails to trigger in at least two cases
Revision: 315645
Reporter: kshumard
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: rmudgett

Category: PBX/pbx_ael

ASTERISK-17497: [patch] AELsub() for calling routines that will remain stable between internal changes
Revision: 310462
Reporter: alexandrekeller
Testers: alexandrekeller
Coders: tilghman

Category: PBX/pbx_config

ASTERISK-17712: [patch] Asterisk CLI command 'dialplan save' not available
Revision: 315394
Reporter: lmadsen
Coders: lmadsen

Category: PBX/pbx_lua

ASTERISK-17279: [patch] Command 'module load' failed
Revision: 309448
Reporter: igels
Testers: Igels
Coders: mnicholson

ASTERISK-17635: [patch] asterisk crashes on unattended transfer
Revision: 317476
Reporter: jamhed
Testers: mnicholson, jamhed
Coders: mnicholson

Category: Resources/General

ASTERISK-17454: [patch] support gmime-2.4
Revision: 319085
Reporter: tzafrir
Testers: tzafrir
Coders: tzafrir

Category: Resources/res_agi

ASTERISK-16144: [patch] AGISTATUS bug in Asterisk
Revision: 313588
Reporter: siby
Testers: rmudgett, astmiv
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17520: [patch] HANGUP is not sent to AGI in time
Revision: 313588
Reporter: nvitaly
Testers: rmudgett, astmiv
Coders: rmudgett

ASTERISK-17823: [patch] Crash when using hagi and no servers are available
Revision: 321392
Reporter: byronclark
Coders: rmudgett

Category: Resources/res_calendar

ASTERISK-17517: [patch] Typo on res_calendar.c - "Cartegories"
Revision: 310039
Reporter: pdugas
Coders: pdugas

Category: Resources/res_config_curl

ASTERISK-17056: [patch] Using static extensions.conf with res_config_curl segfaults on startup
Revision: 318057
Reporter: jmls
Testers: jmls
Coders: tilghman

Category: Resources/res_features

ASTERISK-17690: [patch] Crash while transfering a call during DTMF feature timeout.
Revision: 320057
Reporter: irontec
Testers: rmudgett
Coders: Irontec

ASTERISK-17935: [patch] Parking lot hint and mohclass
Revision: 321333
Reporter: sboily_proformatique
Testers: russell
Coders: sboily

Category: Resources/res_odbc

ASTERISK-17751: [patch] Random crashes (NULL reference) at res_odbc.c:1358
Revision: 316215
Reporter: pruiz
Testers: pruiz, seanbright
Coders: pruiz

ASTERISK-17817: [patch] Asterisk res_odbc causes SEGFAULT's if unable to connect to server.
Revision: 320445
Reporter: seadweller
Testers: seadweller, sum
Coders: tilghman

Category: Resources/res_realtime

ASTERISK-17501: [patch] PATCH: Fixes to MySQL sql files
Revision: 317484
Reporter: dovid
Coders: Dovid

Category: Resources/res_srtp

ASTERISK-17710: [patch] Debian removing support for SSLv2 from openssl
Revision: 314251
Reporter: chazzam
Testers: russell, chazzam
Coders: tzafrir

Category: Resources/res_timing_timerfd

ASTERISK-17867: [patch] Random entire asterisk deadlock when use builtin_atxfer when use res_timing_timerfd module
Revision: 325673
Reporter: microlana
Coders: kobaz

Category: Sounds

ASTERISK-17330: Russian Sounds
Revision: 315765
Reporter: pbxware
Coders: lmadsen

Category: Utilities/General

ASTERISK-17485: [patch] debian init script not lsb compliant
Revision: 319365
Reporter: manwe
Coders: manwe

Commits Not Associated with an Issue

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This is a list of all changes that went into this release that did not directly close an issue from the issue tracker. The commits may have been marked as being related to an issue. If that is the case, the issue numbers are listed here, as well.

RevisionAuthorSummaryIssues Referenced
308679twilsonUse remotesecret to authenticate with a remote party
308723mnicholsonsilence gcc 4.2 compiler warning
308903rmudgettInvalid read in ast_channel_set_caller_event().
309035tilghmanA later version of flex already includes the fwrite workaround code, which if used twice causes a compilation error.
309170rmudgettDocument CHANNEL(keypad_digits) and CHANNEL(no_media_path).
309256qwellFix usage of "hasvoicemail=yes" and "mailbox=" in users.conf for SIP.
309495mnicholsonremove mysterious lua_pushvalue() that is never used
309542mnicholsonCheck for errors from fseek() when loading config file, properly abort on errors from fread(), and supply a traceback for errors generated when loading the config file.
309585mnicholsonRestore mysterious lua_pushvalue() call removed in r309494. The mystery has been solved.
309765mmichelsonIndicate that Asterisk uses the Allow header to determine if MESSAGE requests should be sent.
309808tilghmanRevert previous 2 commits, and instead conditionally redefine the same macro used in flex 2.5.35 that clashed with our workaround.
309994rmudgettMake pri parameter description consistent.
310587jroseAdds 'p' as an option to func_volume. When it is on, the old behavior with DTMF controlling volume adjustment will be enforced.
310733jroseUndoes 310726 for further analysis
310734mayIntroduce t.38 parameters control functionality not full but enough for ASTERISK-17300
310834tilghmanFix branch compile.
310993twilsonDon't keep trying to write to a closed connection
311141mnicholsonDon't write items to the manager socket twice.
311295rmudgettMerged revision 310986 from
311297rmudgettRace condition when ISDN CallRerouting/CallDeflection invoked.
311342mnicholsonProperly populate the LOCALSTATIONID channel variable.
311497dvosselFixes memory leak in MeetMe AMI action
311558twilsonDon't use static declared buf in parse_name_andor_addr
311687maycorrect return values in ooh323_indicate for AST_CONTROL_T38_PARAMETERS
311751russellCross-reference VoiceMail() and VoiceMailMain() in the xml docs.
311874rmudgettUpdate some setup_dahdi_int() comments.
312117alecdavisapp_voicemail: close_mailbox needs to respect additional messages while mailbox is open.
312286tilghmanReload must react correctly against a possibly changed table, so dropping the conditional reload flag.
312288tilghmanFound some leaking file descriptors while looking at ast_FD_SETSIZE dead code. ASTERISK-17553
312765jroseBackporting trunk change to add verbosity to 'L' option in meetme
312889rmudgettAdd 416 response to OPTIONS packet.
312949rmudgettCrash if ISDN span layer 1 is down on initial load.
313002alecdavisapp_voicemail: close_mailbox change LOG_WARNING to LOG_NOTICE
313142mayfix trivial bug in ooh323_indicate on AST_CONTROL_SRC...
313366rmudgettAdded "Connected Line ID" and "Connected Line ID Name" to "core show channel" output.
313368rmudgettBackport a restructuring change from trunk to make the next change stand out.
313369rmudgettFrames from the inbound channel should go to all outbound channels in app_dial.c.
313517rmudgettBring the dumpchan application inline with "core show channel".
313615rmudgett* Add missing channel lock to handle_cli_agi_add_cmd().
313658rmudgettMiscellaneous AGI diagnostic message cleanup and code optimization.
313700rmudgettRevert flushing stale AsyncAGI commands from -r313615.
314017dvosselsip codec negotiation of dynamic rtp payloads error fix
314069rmudgettThe AsyncAGI command loop is lax in the value it returns for the return status.
314358twilsonInitialize track pointer
314417rmudgettAST_CONTROL_XXX comment changes.
314550twilsonDon't allocate more space than necessary for a sip_pkt
314732rmudgettCorrect DAHDIShowChannels XML documentation.
314779tzafrirFix a few typos (shown by Lintian)
314959mnicholsonDon't hold the pvt lock while streaming a file.
315452rmudgettAdd missing set of name valid flag when dialing.
315644twilsonAllow transfer loops without allowing forwarding loops
315810russellSet the copyright year to 2011 in the startup message.
316265russellFix a bunch of compiler warnings generated by gcc 4.6.0.
316331russellResolve another warning.
316917seanbrightMake sure that tcptls_session is properly initialized. ASTERISK-17224
316918seanbrightLook at the correct buffer for our digest info instead of an empty one. ASTERISK-17224
317280russellRestore branch-1.6.2-merged and branch-1.6.2-blocked properties.
317474russellFix more "set but unused" warnings.
317584twilsonRe-fix queue round-robin
317858mnicholsonpbx_lua autoservice fixes
317967russellFix some more "set but unused" compiler warnings.
318148jroseDocumenting an observed behavior of features in features.conf. Since parkinglots use an
318282rmudgettHangup extension executed twice. ASTERISK-15017, ASTERISK-15399
318351rmudgettRemove references to res_features and its export file.
318436russellchan_iax2: change LOG_NOTICE to LOG_DEBUG in iax2_read().
318550twilsonComment out the REF_DEBUG that slipped in during debugging
319204twilsonUnlink a peer from peers_by_ip when expiring a registration
319259rmudgettDeadlock between generic CCSS agent and native ISDN CCSS.
319261jroseMakes busy detection in dsp.c always allow for at least one frame (20ms) of error so that 200ms tone lengths don't get ignored by single frame error lengths.
319469rmudgettMerged revision 319468 from
319654twilsonMake sure everyone gets an unhold when a transfer succeeds
319758rmudgettCCSS generic agent with POTS and ISDN phones fail caller busy call-back test.
319920twilsonRevert part of a change to the bridging API code
320007rmudgettChange some variable names to make pickup code easier to understand.
320059rmudgettMisc comment cleanup in features.c.
320560kpflemingDon't generate spurious "No: command not found" messages when running the
320716twilsonCast data as char * before using S_OR
320796rmudgettGive zombies a safe channel driver to use. ASTERISK-17690, ASTERISK-17873
320883rmudgettNative SIP CCSS sends bad CC cancel SUBSCRIBE message.
320947russellRemove some variables that were set but unused.
321042twilsonInitialize stack-allocated ast_sockaddrs before use
321044rmudgettUpdate ast_sockaddr comment with an important note.
321211alecdavisFix *8 directed pickup locks system during pickupsound play out ASTERISK-17264, ASTERISK-17748
321273jrosemarkm committed a patch I was working on yesterday, this fixes it to mesh up with suggestions by mnicholson.
321436rmudgettSome hagi launch cleanup.
321515dvosselChan_local locking cleanup. ASTERISK-16711
321517rmudgettUpdate some comments.
321547rmudgettCDR comment tweaks.
321753russellBackport an astobj2 unit test so that it runs on 1.8 as well.
321812rmudgettCorrect IAX2 and SIP event subscription description string.
321813rmudgettConstify subscription description parameter string.
321871rmudgettEvent subscription fixes.
321924rmudgettBe more explicit for CCSS generic device state event subscription.
321926rmudgettAsterisk crash when unloading cdr_radius/cel_radius.
322069jroseFixes level toggling for logger set levels since it was reversed ASTERISK-17850
322189pabelangerUse correct syntax for 'sip notify snom-reboot' ASTERISK-17915
322425rmudgettSRV lookup attempted for SIP peers listed as an IP address. ASTERISK-17815
322484rmudgettRing all queue with more than 255 agents will cause crash.
322585jroseAdds ast_escape_encoded utility to properly handle escaping of quoted field before uri. ASTERISK-16949
322749rmudgettRemove potential deadlock in call pickup race.
322807mnicholsondon't drop any voice frames when checking for T.38 during early media ASTERISK-17705
322865twilsonCorrect ast_db_deltree documentation
322923twilsonAdd some astdb unit tests
322981twilsonAvoid a DB1 infinite loop bug
323040mnicholsonUnlock the sip channel during fax detection like chan_dahdi does to prevent a deadlock with ast_autoservice_stop. ASTERISK-17798
323154lmadsenTweak documentation for AGI Hangup command. ASTERISK-17999
323213lmadsenAvoid dividing by zero with L() option to Dial()
323234lmadsenAdditional documentation for bindaddr. ASTERISK-17976
323370twilsonAdd rtpkeepalives back to 1.8 ASTERISK-17304
323371jroseChanges contact use in build_peer to use the FORCE_RPORT flag instead of RPORT_PRESENT ASTERISK-17789
323392rmudgettAdd more strict hostname checking to ast_dnsmgr_lookup().
323394rmudgettMade ast_sockaddr_split_hostport() port warning msgs more meaningful.
323456rmudgettAdd missing break in ast_event_get_cached().
323608seanbrightResolve a segfault/bus error when we try to map memory that falls on a page ASTERISK-15359, ASTERISK-16460
323610jroseAdds PQclear calls on result to various parts of res_conf_pgsql ASTERISK-17812
323669rmudgett[regression] Voicemail MWI is no longer sent. ASTERISK-18002, ASTERISK-18019
323670rmudgettAdd a test to the event unit tests to catch ASTERISK-18002. ASTERISK-18002
323672twilsonCast ARRAY_LEN to size_t for ast_logging
323730jroseAdds locking to find_table in res_configure_pgsql to prevent a crash. ASTERISK-17811
323754twilsonFix DYNAMIC_FEATURES ASTERISK-17914
323859twilsonFix more ARRAY_LEN format string issues
323863twilsonMake ARRAY_LEN() return the same type on x86 and x86_64 systems
323866twilsonRemove now-useless cast of ARRAY_LEN
323932twilsonDon't assume ASTDBDIR exists
323990rmudgettThe test_event unit test is occasionally failing.
324048twilsonLock the channel before calling the setoption callback
324049twilsonShame on me
324115lmadsenFix grammar in documentation for Goto() and GotoIf() ASTERISK-18023
324174rmudgettAdd header string to libpri debug output.
324176lmadsenFix typo in documentation.
324178lmadsenAdd Username and Secret fields to manager Login action.
324237twilsonIgnore media offers with a port of 0 ASTERISK-17845
324239lmadsenRemove extra 'the'.
324240lmadsenRevert previous merge which had extra changes.
324241lmadsenRemove extra 'the'.
324305kmooreConfBridge does not handle hangup properly
324364dvosselFixes locking inversion issue in ast_async_goto()
324479rmudgettComments and whitespace in chan_sip.c
324481rmudgettTimout or error on INFO or MESSAGE transaction causes call to be lost. ASTERISK-17901
324484twilsonStop sending IPv6 link-local scope-ids in SIP messages ASTERISK-17711
324491rmudgettUse correct variable for text SRTP media.
324557twilsonRemove tests for parsing address with invalid port
324652dvosselAddresses AST-2011-010, remote crash in IAX2 driver
324678kmooreAddresses AST-2011-008, memory corruption and remote crash in SIP driver.
324685dvosselFixes sip crash when calling remove_uri_parameters with NULL ASTERISK-18017
324768jroseDTMF wasn't being logged on connected consoles when enabled in logger.conf ASTERISK-17974
324849rmudgettSyntax errors in dialplan do not display the file name. ASTERISK-17985
324914rmudgettWhen subscribing MWI to an unsolicited mailbox the first notification is incorrect. ASTERISK-17997
324955tilghmanSave and restore errno from within signal handlers.
325091lmadsenRemove line from prep_tarball that kills mkrelease.
325152jroseFixes moh reload breaking custom mode moh classes when the config file is untouched ASTERISK-17730
325212rmudgettUse the device name and not the channel name to initialize the device state. ASTERISK-11323
325279twilsonDon't leak SIP username information
325416kpflemingFix random misspelling noticed on asterisk-users.
325537mnicholsondon't do native/remote bridging if a framehook is active on the channel
325545mnicholsonmake framehooks prevent native bridging (for real this time)
325610rmudgettResponse to QueueRule manager command does not contain ActionID if it was specified.
325614rmudgettFixed some error exit cleanup in app_queue.c.

Diffstat Results

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This is a summary of the changes to the source code that went into this release that was generated using the diffstat utility.

CHANGES                                |    2
Makefile                               |    4
UPGRADE.txt                            |   17
addons/app_mysql.c                     |    6
addons/cdr_mysql.c                     |    7
addons/chan_mobile.c                   |    2
addons/chan_ooh323.c                   |   41
addons/ooh323c/src/ooCalls.h           |    2
addons/ooh323c/src/ooCapability.c      |    6
addons/ooh323c/src/ooSocket.c          |    4
addons/ooh323c/src/oochannels.c        |   24
addons/ooh323c/src/ooh245.c            |    2
addons/res_config_mysql.c              |   24
apps/app_amd.c                         |    3
apps/app_chanspy.c                     |   11
apps/app_confbridge.c                  |   68
apps/app_dial.c                        |  381 +++--
apps/app_directed_pickup.c             |  214 +--
apps/app_dumpchan.c                    |  159 +-
apps/app_externalivr.c                 |    1
apps/app_fax.c                         |    6
apps/app_festival.c                    |    8
apps/app_followme.c                    |    2
apps/app_ices.c                        |    3
apps/app_meetme.c                      |   57
apps/app_minivm.c                      |   26
apps/app_mixmonitor.c                  |    4
apps/app_originate.c                   |    5
apps/app_privacy.c                     |    3
apps/app_queue.c                       |   46
apps/app_rpt.c                         |    8
apps/app_voicemail.c                   |  144 +-
autoconf/ast_check_pwlib.m4            |    4
build_tools/prep_tarball               |    1
cdr/cdr_radius.c                       |   29
cdr/cdr_syslog.c                       |    6
cel/cel_odbc.c                         |   32
cel/cel_pgsql.c                        |    3
cel/cel_radius.c                       |   22
channels/chan_agent.c                  |  162 +-
channels/chan_alsa.c                   |   13
channels/chan_console.c                |   11
channels/chan_dahdi.c                  |  353 +++--
channels/chan_h323.c                   |   11
channels/chan_iax2.c                   |   37
channels/chan_jingle.c                 |    4
channels/chan_local.c                  |  507 ++++---
channels/chan_mgcp.c                   |   23
channels/chan_misdn.c                  |   58
channels/chan_oss.c                    |   11
channels/chan_phone.c                  |   10
channels/chan_sip.c                    | 1675 +++++++++++++++---------
channels/chan_skinny.c                 |  140 +-
channels/chan_unistim.c                |   17
channels/chan_usbradio.c               |   11
channels/iax2-provision.c              |    2
channels/misdn/isdn_lib.c              |    2
channels/misdn_config.c                |   11
channels/sig_analog.c                  |   16
channels/sig_pri.c                     | 2286 ++++++++++++++++++---------------
channels/sig_pri.h                     |   23
channels/sig_ss7.c                     |   10
channels/sip/dialplan_functions.c      |    7
channels/sip/include/sip.h             |    6
channels/sip/reqresp_parser.c          |   63
channels/sip/sdp_crypto.c              |    3
codecs/lpc10/dyptrk.c                  |    3
configs/cdr_mysql.conf.sample          |   31
configs/cel.conf.sample                |    2
configs/features.conf.sample           |    3
configs/http.conf.sample               |    5
configs/indications.conf.sample        |    2
configs/manager.conf.sample            |   11
configs/queuerules.conf.sample         |    2
configs/queues.conf.sample             |    2
configs/sip.conf.sample                |   30
configs/sip_notify.conf.sample         |    2
configs/skinny.conf.sample             |    9                           |   29
contrib/init.d/rc.debian.asterisk      |    5
contrib/realtime/mysql/meetme.sql      |    4
contrib/realtime/mysql/queue_log.sql   |    2
contrib/realtime/mysql/sipfriends.sql  |  145 +-
contrib/scripts/safe_asterisk          |    2
formats/format_wav.c                   |   88 -
funcs/func_channel.c                   |   37
funcs/func_curl.c                      |   11
funcs/func_enum.c                      |    6
funcs/func_odbc.c                      |   65
funcs/func_volume.c                    |   86 +
include/asterisk/acl.h                 |    2
include/asterisk/astdb.h               |    2
include/asterisk/bridging.h            |    4
include/asterisk/bridging_technology.h |    2
include/asterisk/channel.h             |    7
include/asterisk/dnsmgr.h              |    6
include/asterisk/event.h               |    5
include/asterisk/features.h            |   24
include/asterisk/frame.h               |  115 -
include/asterisk/linkedlists.h         |    3
include/asterisk/logger.h              |    7
include/asterisk/netsock2.h            |   95 +
include/asterisk/pbx.h                 |    2
include/asterisk/rtp_engine.h          |   53
include/asterisk/select.h              |   13
include/asterisk/utils.h               |   15
main/ast_expr2.fl                      |    8
main/ast_expr2f.c                      |   36
main/asterisk.c                        |   34
main/audiohook.c                       |   18
main/bridging.c                        |   21
main/callerid.c                        |   19
main/ccss.c                            |  124 +
main/cdr.c                             |   21
main/channel.c                         |  147 +-
main/cli.c                             |   30
main/config.c                          |    3
main/db.c                              |  299 ++--
main/dnsmgr.c                          |    8
main/dsp.c                             |    9
main/event.c                           |  213 +--
main/features.c                        |  630 ++++++---
main/file.c                            |    2
main/fskmodem_float.c                  |    5
main/http.c                            |   49
main/lock.c                            |    1
main/manager.c                         |  291 ++--
main/netsock2.c                        |   38
main/pbx.c                             |  253 ++-
main/plc.c                             |    2
main/rtp_engine.c                      |   68
main/srv.c                             |    6
main/tcptls.c                          |   26
main/udptl.c                           |    8
main/utils.c                           |   37
pbx/pbx_ael.c                          |   47
pbx/pbx_config.c                       |  102 -
pbx/pbx_dundi.c                        |    5
pbx/pbx_lua.c                          |   89 +
res/Makefile                           |    3
res/res_agi.c                          |  382 +++--
res/res_calendar.c                     |    9
res/res_config_curl.c                  |    2
res/res_config_odbc.c                  |   30
res/res_config_pgsql.c                 |   35
res/res_config_sqlite.c                |    4
res/res_crypto.c                       |    6
res/res_fax.c                          |   35
res/res_fax_spandsp.c                  |    4
res/            |   13
res/res_http_post.c                    |   19
res/res_jabber.c                       |   30
res/res_musiconhold.c                  |    8
res/res_odbc.c                         |    7
res/res_phoneprov.c                    |    4
res/res_rtp_asterisk.c                 |   51
res/res_srtp.c                         |   46
res/res_timing_timerfd.c               |   28
sounds/Makefile                        |    9
sounds/sounds.xml                      |   18
tests/test_astobj2.c                   |  134 +
tests/test_db.c                        |  222 +++
tests/test_event.c                     |  611 +++++++-
tests/test_netsock2.c                  |  125 +
tests/test_utils.c                     |   50
165 files changed, 8295 insertions(+), 4035 deletions(-)